Zara: Looking for Blazer and No Ideas? Take a Look to The New Season Proposals

The Blazers, and more now that gets the time Demi-season and begins work, the University and acts in public, become a must of the season (though they are totally temporary) that you have to find hollow Yes or Yes in our wardrobe Fund for future and possible occasions.

No doubt, many of you escogeréis a choice between quality and the affordable economically speaking, also trying to carry a seal of visual quality and a religious something care and possible new and fashionable. Well, Zara can help us in this quest so selective.

The guateados Blazer they are an option, much less, curious. In color graphite black, they opt for the padding in the form of diamonds for a look more informal garment body while getting a unique and unconventional style. Ideal for events with little or no label.

Instead of quilted, We can directly choose a padding less discreet in shades of Pearl gray or charcoal, ideal to wear with jeans or denim and casual cut shirts.

If we keep avoiding the smooth point blazer, You can opt for a vichy in shades of grey and black box quite successful, it can be nicely combined with shirts and to achieve appearance looks more vintage and classic.

Elements to include? From tacks for styles more rockers flaps & #8230;

… up to closure with frog closures and Cossack style with shoulder pads, Double pockets and warrior cutting coolie.

Applique on shoulders and cuffs with a much darker chunky knit and treated to achieve a visual effect of contrast in the garment & #8230;

… either the inclusion within the own blazer’s elbow pads, that they not only relax the same style but give a unique touch and extend the chromatic possibilities of combine it with shirts, pants, or shoes refers.

For the more classic, the Blazer Tenon neck contrast of point grey, with pockets in falsetto and cut slim fit plastran.

We even have party options made in dark blue with collar fancy Velvet and lining inside. Options for all styles and all occasions, with a wide chromatic range and patterns, without having the classic point fine that we will always find how basic at Zara.