Yes, The Nexus 5 X Has LED Notifications and Use It with Apps from Third

When yesterday was the product of the new Nexus card there were people who were very agile to detect that you among the specifications of the model 5 X there was a notification LED. Can Google have forgotten him and not include it in the Nexus 6? No, fortunately We have confirmation that this element is still there, but we can not use it by default.

Google repeats the same strategy last year and choose Ambient Display as the way in which show us the notices of applications. You know: is the same as we have already seen the 6 Nexus or Moto X. A black screen where it shows us blank notices with their respective icons, extract information, etc. LED, that Yes, has not died but It happened to be a child.

Bright notifications in the background

As explained by Artem Russakovskii, Nexus 5 X has LED notifications, but Android will not use it by default to display notifications being the only option we have standard Ambient Display. What happens then to the LED? That may be, but only with third-party applications.

In this way, he will play us resort to applications like Light Flow to control this component and that it lights up as we tell you. Taking into account that the Nexus are every year reference devices, I am curious to see if the coming year more manufacturers adopt Ambient Display as main system notifications with the mobile at rest.

In the case of the 6 p, This option makes more sense Since being a panel AMOLED don’t need to turn the entire screen to display the icons, but will only have to show the white pixels so that we will see each item. Probably in the Nexus 5 X this not translates into a remarkable battery consumption so that we can be calm.