Welcome to Denmark’s Most Expensive Mobile-Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge: Price and Availability

The next generation of Galaxy is the country with the next-generation design, fingerprint scanner and an eye-opening display.

Enough have Samsung many products in its range, as Note-and A-series, but the most prestigious and anticipated, is now the annual returning S-series that has evolved into stage 6.

Samsung Galaxy S6 is today, the 1. March 2015, presented in the heart of the colossal CCIB-building in Barcelona. After the flip and the cheers could Samsung announce that this aluminum-and-glass framed Super AMOLED display with 1440 x 2560 pixels, are to be found in the Danish trade from the 11. April.

In addition to these news, Samsung-happy smartphone fans rejoice at the fact that S6 gets himself a brother as companion, namely the display curved Edge that will land in the S6 trade at the same time.

The two versions do not exist side by side in order that consumers can have a choice-you have to be ready with the big purse for the curved experience.

Probably have the “common” Samsung Galaxy S6 a guide retail price of 5499.0-dollars for 32 GB in-built space-typically the flagship style.

You must have the Galaxy S6 with a screen-twist, have your cash resources start at mighty 6499.0-dollars for 32 GB, and you’re a luxury-lover who must have the place rich 128 GB to romp in, you’ll come up on wallet cleaning 8000.0-crowns. Denmark’s most expensive mobile is here folks.

The suggested retail prices for these galaxies are respectively 5499.0-crowns for the General Galaxy S6 with 32 GB, where the attention anråbende twin, S6 Edge, will start at the mighty 6499.0-crowns.

Star warriors

When Samsung emits a flag ship that will sail in the high competitive waters, they have armed their product-darling with the newest of the new.

Curved or not, both versions come with Samsung’s own chipset, a 64-bit compatible Exynos 7420 processor, divided into eight odd nuclei.

On one half spin power plant with 1.5 GHz by four cores, where the other half perform 2.1 GHz. This means that the easy tasks can be solved at low power and thus low battery consumption, and cooperation between the two parts of the graphics heavy betting or gambling.

Being selected in against a tradition on removable back cover, battery and memory locked in these two flagships. The battery sits unwaveringly with its 2550 mAh under the glass side, and from the start choose a 32, 64 or 128 GB space solution complemented by 3 GB RAM.

Together with Wireless charging, fingerprint scanner and fast-charging, the “ss” can further offer you the last lollipop from Android, Lollipop 5.0.2 even – Samsung is on the beat.