Umbrellas From Carl Dew Stockholm

You faithful readers who followed what I’ve written in the last few years have certainly been pointed out that I like to find new interesting brands and I like umbrellas. Today I am pleased to be able to combine those two things and talk about Carl Dew Stockholm which is something so unique as a Swedish brand specialising in quality umbrellas. A company which oddly enough has fallen off my radar until recently.

Why I have a fondness for umbrellas and rain clothes, I don’t know. If it is due to the rainy West Coast (which is a myth because it rains no more here than in Stockholm …) or if it has to do with the fact that I am rather Anglophile to my taste I let be unsaid. It all started in any case as in so many other cases for me with that I read about James Swaine Adeney Brigg and & Smith in Bernhard Roetzels book the gentleman for a lot of years ago. 2005 moved to London when I bought a nice umbrella of Turnbull & Asser who was made by venerable Fox Ltd. Since then there have been a couple of umbrellas. Here at Manolo, I have also written about Fox, Lockwood Umbrellas, Francesco Maglia and London Undercover umbrellas just like any excellent produce.

When a friend with good taste just asked me what I thought about Carl Daggs umbrellas, I was a bit taken by surprise. I don’t want to brag but it is now uncommon for I miss tags like this when it’s my job to monitor them. But I confess that I missed this but again it today. Having looked more closely at them, I can only say that it is the real Manolomaterial.

The brand is relatively new and was started by the two recent graduates Cyrén konstfack students and Carl Carl S.

The idea was born when the better and in a double sense wet night out had no protection of a small and poorly umbrella. The duo came together in the ambition to create an umbrella that was both attractive, stable and functional. They also realized that the solution would be that they themselves created this umbrella. It took longer and required more work than what they first believed and their first edition under the name Series 001 took 18 months to create.

This first umbrella is available in Burgundy, blue, green and black. The detail level is generally high and the umbrellas quite heavy and solid. The umbrellas are hand-made in Sweden which would be difficult given the wage situation. However, they have succeeded and can sell them for it in the context of reasonable price 1250 kr.

The fabric is a cotton blend and the crutch are in solid wood. Leather details are manufactured in Sweden and press button in bronze.

Mark is in a start-up situation but that the umbrella nerd I am, I hope so clearly on more models and colours and a little fun collaborations and limited editions, that kind of thing that appeals to us geeks.