Ubuntu Phones from Meizu and BQ Readers Ready for Launch in 2014

2014 will be the year when the first Ubuntu OS phones are sold to the public. More and more widespread companies follow in 2015.

After many promises, teasers and demonstrations, is Ubuntu OS is now ready to take the mobile world. Canonical has finalized an agreement with the first two hardware vendors Meizu and BQ Readers which will launch devices with the linux-based operating system at a time in 2014.

Details about price, launch and specifications are still not completely clear, the only thing that is known with certainty is that in the case of units that are ready for consumers later this year.

Meizu and BQ Readers is something exotic names for us here at home, Meizu has widely circulated in China and BQ Readers in Spain, so there’s probably not much chance that we will have the first devices to see., however, promises to be Canonical, in 2015 has plans with companies which are slightly more common.

The next step will be to lure developers to the ecosystem, it aims to have the top 50 applications from rival operating systems with Ubuntu on board before the end of the year, an ambitious goal. Big names such as Evernote, Cargo Pass and Grooveshark are already on the way, but there is still a very long way.