Types of Bike Lights: Headlights, LED, Dynamo and Reflectors

Very often we buy the bike that is already full of lights and system to make them work. This, quite often, it’s all our efforts and knowledge in terms of lighting. The bicycle we buy for the brand, for color, for v-brakes rather than discs, for the type of handlebar, we evaluate the weight, how much speed he etc…, but normally the lighting system does not fall within the criteria of almost never choice. Everything depends on the fact that the vast majority of people rule out leaving the bike night considering it dangerous and inconvenient. (I can guarantee is the best climatic period and that with a proper preparation and caution it is much more visible at night than during the day). If consumers like us so we place on the market, it happens immediately that this essential component to our security will be underestimated by manufacturers and are limited to those 4 regoline that allow their bikes to be okay with the law which, however, is very permissive in made of brightness. (in Germany sell headlights and for their power are banned in the city, to tell where you can get).

Types of Bike Lights Headlights, LED, Dynamo and Reflectors 1

According to Ebicyclelights, the bicycle lights have two functions: to see and to be seen. The market offers an endless choice: the headlights positioned on the fork, to those on the handlebars, the helmet, battery operated, rather than induction etc… Do not miss the course load dynamo that when it is inserted into the hub is producing big news in relation to all electronic equipment from the phone to the iPhone browser. We will start this cognitive excursion with the front light, dividing the various types according to the fuel system.


Almost all of us have cycled on a bicycle with a dynamo that with a slight pressure was leaning against the tire so that the motion of the wheel produce the current necessary to the functioning of the front and rear light. It was a very noisy machine and also slowed down a lot. The energy produced was not very good because braking the rolling decreased the energy produced and with bulbs that there were at that time the light was really poor. So much ado about not much. Even today it is admitted and we find out new bikes from city, but it is definitely ultrasuperata and time. With a little evil think that the dynamo has become, as a result of this solution, an object unpopular and did not contribute to the growth of the need to be well lit. And the obvious solution for a producer who must stay within budget, and enough to be okay with the law. Declared values ​​Volts 6 3 3 watts.

Types of Bike Lights Headlights, LED, Dynamo and Reflectors 2

But fortunately the dynamo has evolved and improved by far its efficiency since it was placed in the wheel hub. In addition, through appropriate accessories can be loaded with its movement also the navigator, phone the iphone etc. positioned in the hub has a low rolling resistance even if some models on this differ and are more efficient than others. What is astonishing is that are given with the same characteristics and 6 volt 3 ​​watt of previous models: everything is, therefore, in efficiency. Despite being heavier than the tire, they have gained credibility because they are very quiet and because the friction they need to function is not felt in any way.

Over a dynamo Shimano producing different models from 24 euro to 74 euro. And to the right of the Son Nabendynamo which models 200 and 240 euro. The difference is of course in the components. Without going into the story details the difference being the owner of the Shimano: I was confronted with a friend who has the Son. On two trestles we mounted two wheels and we run at the same speed: while being very satisfied with my I have found that my wheel has stopped long before the Son, which means it has more friction. Incidentally I found this movie to Youtube (which seems to me a bit over the top for the truth, according to my test: the wheel does not stop so suddenly) but that makes the idea. All these dynamo also have a protection against the possibility of overload and are provided for all types of wheel: with 32 or 36 rays, for bikes with disc brakes and normal.

Types of Bike Lights Headlights, LED, Dynamo and Reflectors 3

It must be said that until now these devices are always in friction, although is not felt. This meant that it was decided to use it to charge a power supply that in turn loads cellphone, gps, mp3 players and other devices. The voltage and the output current are adjustable in order to not cause damage to connected devices. But to remedy the defect always be shot, recently came also a dynamo that can be defused when you want. As seen in the picture just turn the star: Clockwise off the contact, turn the other way. It is produced by SP.