Tomlinson Holman, Inventor of The THX System, Could Have Been Attached to Apple

In keeping with the constant rumor mill on the new iPhone Apple that populate the net almost every day, today we stop at one that may be one of those rumors to take into account.

Apparently, Apple could have signed neither more nor less than to Tomlinson Holman, the father of this prestigious certification of sound called THX, LucasFilm LTD. The rumor comes directly from the technology journalist Leo Laporte, which ensures very reliable sources. ┬┐iPhone 5 with a unique sound system? Why not?

Tomlinson Holman, in addition to inventing the THX system, which was created for the correct sound experience in cinemas of “Star Wars: return of the Jedi” and serves as quality certification in select movie theaters today, created the 10.2 sound system, He is a professor at the University of Southern California, He has won an award of the American Film Academy, is the owner of multiple patent sound in several countries and has published several books related to the topic. No doubt a great signing.

Obviously, the signing of Tomlinson Holman would not only limit to take advantage of his talent for the possible iPhone 5 with improved audio, Apple has many other branches of hardware (and software) that feed with possible new auditory inventions and improvements (iPad, MacBook, iMac, etc…).

If we stop to think about it, Apple cannot do you lack imminently review loudness or experience offering its successful lines of your own iPhone or iPod players, since it sells both ranges like hotcakes, and doesn’t seem to have any complaint in this aspect of its customers.

Anyway, if we stop to think about it, Apple has with a broad music catalog within iTunes, so the aim for the future and the company’s market expectations would be perfectly to increase the experience and the level that offer their products with some new incentive.

For now it is just a rumor, don’t know if Apple will give a ruling on the matter, but without a doubt, confirmed, It would be great news.