Tips for Finding Hikvision IP Camera on the Net

Thinking about debugging and making life easier for many technicians or technical assistants who are starting in the area we will pass tips on how to locate Hikvision IP network security cameras see how simple it is to locate them on the network.

Tips for Finding Hikvision IP Camera on the Net

Let’s take a step by step to carry out such a procedure –

First step – We have to Download the Hikvision tool on the site our site after accessing the site go in the Support tab and then Download.

Second step – In this tab you will have several tools you will download Hikvision Tools after download is just follow the installation wizard that has no error.

Step Three – After installing Hikvision Tools locate the App within the program that is called SADP with this application you can find all Hikvision devices that are connected to the network.

With these three steps you are hapto edit and configure the devices located on the network so you only need to select and access the items that were located on the network, not to mention that with this app you can access the IP cameras one by one as well.

Well folks, we hope to have helped those who were struggling or did not know Hikvision’s tools.

Until the next tip of the CCTV Guide