The New IPhone, Which Could Not Use SIM, Would Appear in The Third Quarter of The Year

And to end the month, what better than a new dose of? rumors about the new iPhone? It is what dictates today, and this river, which weekly sounds, more than carry water, carries around a torrent which we do not know by where we will splash the coming at the expected week Apple WWDC.

On this occasion, among many rumors already known as a 8 megapixel camera, bigger screen and a new chip for this iPhone 4GS/5, highlight especially the rumors of his alleged date of departure and property of not entertain any SIM.

On the issue of his departure, choice date rumoured with the closeness of the WWDC event, since it is situated perfectly in the third quarter of 2011. On the issue of do not use SIM and microSIM card conventional, gives to think, in contrast to the rumors appeared previously, which are contradictory and would located at Apple with another different strategy in mind.

Apparently this new version of the iPhone without SIM (with an integrated on-chip SIM understand) would be the same for the the GSM and CDMA Networks, eliminating at a stroke the problem of having to produce both versions, and all the production delays This brings to Apple, taking into account the demand.

Only a week until there is (or not) the expected announcement of this new generation of iPhone. We will then see that all this is reduced abundant information.