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Check Out TaÍS AraÚJo’s Wedding Dress Options And Get Inspired For Your Next Wedding Party!

Taís Araújo is a Brazilian actress of great importance for the history of telenovelas in Brazil, being the first black actress to be the protagonist. Her beauty and friendliness make her one of the most beloved women in Brazil. In one of his novels, Taís Araújo wore a beautiful simple greenish dress. This party dress is the inspiration for today’s post titled Taís Araújo wedding dress. Check it out and get inspired for your next wedding party!

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The dress for wedding day Taís Araújo has a dull shade of green, ideal for those seeking a discrete look. In addition, the modeling is comfortable, but slightly outlines the curves, especially the bust region, due to the shoulder neckline only. To make the body more harmonious it is important that the waistline is outlined, as in the case of this dress. Bold accessories can be worn because the dress is simple.

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TaÍS AraÚJo Wedding Dress Tips!

The online stores have more and more party dresses that can be used as a wedding dress for the day, since the offer of dresses with good fabrics in light and printed shades has increased a lot in recent years. The main tip is about modeling these wedding dresses, since the dresses are ideal, because they give comfort and value the body without showing the grease. Check out somewedding dress options for the day and get inspired for your upcoming wedding!

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Wedding Dress Options For TaÍS AraÚJo

# 1 Wedding Dress By Day

This day wedding dress features a nude tone ideal for daytime weddings, especially weddings in the field. Its print of colorful and delicate flowers is ideal for this type of ceremony. In addition, in the back there is an application of crochet that values ​​the region. It is worth mentioning that the modeling of this wedding dress does not mark the fat, it just delineates the waist, not leaving the look excessively loose.

# 2 Dress For Wedding Day

This wedding dress of the day has in delicacy its main characteristic. The print of light flowers and frills are the details responsible for this feature. In addition, the modeling does not mark the fat, because it is loose, just delineating the waist, thinner region of the trunk and responsible for leaving the body harmonic. It is worth noting that the ruffle extends vertically throughout the length of the party dress, lengthening and thinning the silhouette.

# 3 Dress For Wedding Day

This wedding dress of the day has as its main detail its beautiful coral tone, perfect for women black and mulatto, as well as all the orange dresses. These skin tones are overrated by shades of orange. Other relevant details are the lighter fabric applications. These applications value certain areas of the body, such as the bust, waist and hip. It is worth mentioning that the skirt bar is looser, which leaves the look more sophisticated.

# 4 Dress For Wedding Day

This day wedding dress can also be worn at night. Its main highlight is the blue and black print, with abstract inspiration as in the artsy dresses. Just like in the case of other party dresses, this one has the modeling loose to the body, the neckline being dug an important detail, as it enhances and enhances the breasts. Silver accessories make this dress look more glamorous.