Tacks for Men: a Prominent Trend of Autumn/Winter 2012 / 2013

We can already speak of the Autumn-winter unless the Sun is giving us in the face. It is now much more credible, and attractive, talk of coats, sweaters and garments of winter because the weather and the fall, has officially come to us.

Most of us live day to day in this shopping season, i.e., buy when need us so now that temperatures drop already, let’s see what are the most important trends. As I always say, the runway suggested and now it’s our turn.

Tacks, elements that are inserted as finishing of the garments and accessories that are inspired by the rocker style. Although this season there is much variety in the types, the common are the finished on skewer in gold or silver tones. How to keep tack without going over? What can we do to combine them and not appear “too modern”? I it tell you everything now…!

Zara has passed let’s be honest!

Like all in greater or lesser amount is acceptable, but wanted Amancio, it did something in the store not carrying them?. The other day on one of my visits to Zara He was scoring all what I was finding with tacks and the truth is that he occupies a large percentage of this winter collection.

In t-shirts, jackets, jerseys, pants and vests… a type of garment which put them is not. I I bought (well, they gave me) the jersey in black with studs on shoulders and the other day I started thinking how I would combine this trend.

First we must recognize that we are going to draw attention, so that if we chose a garment from our look that carry them, we look for that the rest are things more Basic to compensate a little styling. What do you think?

For example, I don’t like very much how have combined that jacket with these elements at the lapels and the ornate pattern of the t-shirt. Too much for my taste.

For the footwear and accessories with Louboutin

If we go to this brand to choose our footwear or accessories certainly that we have crossed that threshold of daring. With these shoes do not pass unnoticed not already by studs but by the colors and the style itself. Mix of colors, patterns and textures Are you capable?

Not only ‘silver’ man live…

And if in that tone silver we are not convinced, Burberry It has the solution because its complements in skin for this autumn-winter has added a few elegant Golden studs. Thus, the collection colors brand planes has a more “thug” point with these accessories.

What do you think? You join the trend or not it goes with your style?