Stores Apple United Kingdom Ask IPhone Experts for August 16

This is the headline of the news and the only thing absolutely incontestable information, but as often happens with the Cupertino, from here each attaches its film. Apple has released in the United Kingdom a series of job offers where is requested reinforcement personnel for their Apple Store. The ad calls special experience in the sale of mobile or iPhone management.

Labour supply establishes that the period of work is between August 16 and October 29. Having regard to the rumor that the iPhone 5 you will arrive in September, more than one already wondered if the launch will be not going forward to August.

Of course, here we enter already in the land of pure speculation. A mysterious area in which theories are shuffled as a radical design change in the iPhone 5, only changes internally, the presentation of an iPhone 4S smaller and cheap, or even the launch of an iPod 3G data connection only for downloading applications and games.

The veda of the rumor is opened, ultimately. It is very likely that in mid-August, we already have an answer. By the way, if someone lives in the United Kingdom and are interested, Apple pays 75 pounds (85 euros) a day for working on their Apple Store. And you what you think that Apple will launch in mid-August?