Savings Potential: 22 Laptops Without Operating System under 333 Euros

Members of the IT industry are likely to feel a slight discomfort when looking at the many red numbers in the last consumer electronics market index (CEMIX): paragraphs 2013 buckled on a broad front. Everything is there with a fat minus about printer, desktop PC, notebooks. Only the sales of tablets go through the roof. Now, the high-tech slices for media consumption are sure ideal. But in the (home) Office no multitouch, no GPS and no accelerometer. Instead you appreciate a great screen, a good keyboard, as much space and extensibility through full-featured USB interfaces. Is also essential for comfortable working that browser, spreadsheet, text – and image editing, if necessary, at the same time run.

Without Windows a bargain

You get these benefits at the price of a mid-range tablet when it dispenses with a preinstalled operating system: an Amazon bestseller is, for example, the Lenovo G700. Equipped with a lush 17.3-inch screen and Intel Pentium 2020 M (2.4 GHz), it is ideal for Office applications, online tours or study. The manufacturer has thought himself of a Bluetooth 4.0 engine. Close current games are however no pleasure on such a device. For the G700 is only 299 euros.

22 notebook 333 euros, excluding information

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Operating system recycling

To work with as a notebook, you need to install an operating system by hand. You have still an older or faulty Windows device, it is easy. Since then, are in possession of a license key and need just the right (!) Windows version directly from Microsoft servers (here: Windows 7) download and play via DVD, USB stick or sometimes via SD card. Another advantage: The entire garbage on almost any machine manufacturers supplied remains you will save, get a clean system. Multiple installations are no longer possible on the old device by standard licenses since Windows Vista must delete therefore the Windows version and, if necessary, replace it with another operating system (Ubuntu for example).

step by step: Windows 7 reinstall

Fresh install of Windows 7