Samsung Responds to Apple with 10 Claims for Patent Infringement

“The development of our technology and the strengthening of our portfolio of intellectual property are key to the continued success of Samsung. We will respond actively to this legal action against us through the appropriate legal measures to protect our intellectual property”

That was the terse announcement What Samsung He sent a few days ago in response to the demand that Apple planted them due to continuous copy who believe that Surcoreana company made their famous mobile devices.

As well, Samsung, that in addition to launching the release reported be studying lodged several demands against Apple, did not expect much more and he has lodged a whopping of 10 lawsuits against Apple for violating its patent on key components of many of its products star. Products such as iPhone, iPod, iPad, and even the Mac Books.

Of the 10 demands for patent infringement, 5 have been processed in Seoul, South Korea, two in Tokyo, Japan and the remaining three in Manheim, Germany.

Tense is then the scene between the two companies, which, let us remember, they are close partners, but also they are strong competitors in the world of smartphones and tablets.

We assume we will be revealing the consequences of this dispute serials over the weeks, as it already happened with another famous feud between Apple and Adobe.