Samsung: How to Become a Future Phone According to the Danes

Samsung has created a study that shows the Danes’ hopes for the future of mobiles.

We will have a thin phone, a great camera and a screen that covers the entire phone.┬áSuch is the Danes ‘ expectations for the future, if we are to believe a survey by YouGov for Samsung.

The study is 1,010 people between 18-74 years were asked about their expectations for design and features in the future of mobiles. Probably not surprisingly equal 45 percent that they expect that the phones of the future will have a camera that is even better than it is today.

36 percent expect that in the future we will see the phones where the screen covers both the front and back, and when it comes to design options 23 percent of respondents believe that the phones of the future will have front-facing speakers, and 28 percent expect phones can be operated without buttons.

Our study shows that Danes focused on technique, that makes the small things in everyday life easier.For example, a camera in high quality, since the smart phone usually is our primary camera, “says Jimmy Voss, sales responsible for telecommunications at the Samsung Denmark.

The study also shows that every sixth Dane to believe in that, for example, a curved phone is gaining ground in the mobile future trends,” says Jimmy Voss.

Samsung false starts the next MWC exhibition with an event Sunday, where we expect a presentation of Samsung Galaxy S6, or in other words, Samsung’s bid on the future of mobile.