Samsung and Apple Now Require Mutually Examine Their Product Designs

Let us be honest, with reasons or not, battle between the Giants Samsung and Apple more comic turns at times, which representation on a larger scale of a typical bout of drunks in a bar bar.

If we make memory, “in previous chapters” knew the demand that brought Apple to Samsung of the course plagiarism committed with design of its Galaxy devices, the chain of demands that planted you Samsung Apple a month ago was the response to the audacity of the Cupertino company.

A few days ago Apple has won the first battle: Samsung should set a series of products, already released, on the table of the lawyers for Apple. Samsung, meanwhile, has not become long wait with other new and similar response: they want to see Apple products before they are released.


As the won battle of Apple, commenting that it has been judged by the In California Federal Court. Elected to review products are: Samsung Galaxy SII (S2), Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 10.1, Infuse 4G and Droid Charge.

The new demand for Samsung is more front, that statement, won by Apple: Samsung requires lawyers to see new releases from Apple before being released, and this collides directly with the exclusivity and secrecy wrap to each new release of Apple, and, in addition, is not exactly what Apple has required him to them.

We assume that all this has not done nothing more than start and the thing It does not seems to have good road. We’ll see that kind of consequences brings this battle to new iPad 3, iPhone 5 and terminals Galaxy, Since, as we know, Apple and Samsung are close collaborators at the time of manufacture all these devices. No longer be paradoxical situation.

What it is clear, is that on the issue of the strong business relationships, Apple is a love/hate constant and an intense, right, Adobe?