Roaming Can Be Passé in 2016

New negotiations could mean that, after December 2015 no longer have to pay extra for using your phone abroad.

Most Danish smartphone users are usually not specific “smart” when they are abroad, since they already have heard horror scenarios about the amount owed for roaming. In other words, it is through the use of data on a different network than it originally emerges from rudekuverten from Denmark.

Mobile page’s previous tip to turn on data roaming from on the cell phone, however, may soon be out of date and thankfully. During the negotiations between the Commission and the European Parliament is on Thursday agreed to ban roaming from the 15.December 2015. It writes TV2.

It will therefore mean that the price is the same, regardless of where in the EU you are using your mobile phone, if the contract vote is final. The next step is to get persuaded the Member States, but it believes the European Parliament Jens Rohde not that it will be no problem.

“I think there will be a broad mandate for the Danish Government to support this proposal, when we get that far, so I think it will go through the Council, and I find it very difficult to imagine that we are the 1.January still have over payment for telephony and data use abroad, “says Jens Rohde and continues” If you go on the Web abroad today, so you pay an average of 698 percent over cost. So not even the Gucci bags have as high a profit, and it is also why we have said that it must stop now. Now we need to both secure consumers and businesses, because it impairs mobility and European competitiveness, that our companies have to pay so much for telephony and data use abroad, says he “.

These negotiations have been going on over some time, so of course we cross fingers that all goes as expected, so we can use Google Maps on your phone safely when we are lost in the South in 2016 onwards.