Pushbullet Ready with Beta-App for Windows

Wireless and automatic transfers from Android mobiles happens easily via the new Pushbullet app for Windows.

Maybe the computer stands and gathering dust on the old Office, particularly because you still must have a hold of your phone, in order not to miss important information, which pops up then.

The thing is, you can easily get all your notifications Android shot up on your computer, so you don’t miss out on anything while you loose on the old keys traver. We even have previously shown how in this Tip: Get your notifications shot on to the browser.

Now with computer app for the purpose

Now, the boys behind the Chrome extension “Pushbullet” created a dedicated Windows-app for the purpose, so that there is now room for even greater functionality. It writes Pushbullet via Android Police.

It is reported that the computer after installing the Beta, works like any other device. It therefore means that you can send content to your computer separately. Since the “Pushbullet” now not only is part of the Chrome browser, you can right-click the file, and choose “Send with Pushbullet” as easy as nothing. The familiar file-limit of 25 MB, however, still apply.

The beta version of Pushbullet, as in can be downloaded here, has yet to master the notifications from Android phones. But it eases as file transfers significantly anyway.