Pennsylvania, United States

Pennsylvania, United States

Country USA
Capital city Harrisburg
Area 119,283 km²
Population 13,011,844 people (2020)
109 people/km²
Governor Tom Wolfe
Official site

Farm in Clingerstown.

Pennsylvania (in English: Pennsylvania [ˌpɛnsɨlˈveɪnjə], (Pennsilfaani)), official name – Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (in English: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania) is a state in the United States, whose zip code is PA, and the capital is Harrisburg.


The population of Pennsylvania is 12,448,279. (2008)

By race:

  • White – 84.10%
  • African Americans – 10%
  • Latin Americans – 3.20%
  • Asians – 1.80%
  • And others – 0.9%


The total area of ​​Pennsylvania is 119,265 km², of which 116,057 km² is land and 3,208 km² (2.7%) is water.


  • Bethlehem
  • Bloomsburg
  • Bradford
  • Du Bois
  • Clearfield
  • Lancaster
  • Meadville
  • Pittsburgh
  • Reading
  • Scranton
  • State College
  • Williamsport
  • Philadelphia
  • Harrisburg
  • Hazelton
  • Chester
  • Sharon

Other settlements

  • Lansford
  • Monroeville


According to Countryaah, Pennsylvania consists of 67 counties :

  1. Adams
  2. Allegheny
  3. Armstrong
  4. Bedford
  5. Beaver
  6. Blair
  7. Bradford
  8. Bucks
  9. Burks
  10. Butler
  11. Washington
  12. Venango
  13. Green
  14. Delaware
  15. Jefferson
  16. Juniata
  17. Dauphin
  18. Elk
  19. Erie
  20. Indiana
  21. York
  22. Cambria
  23. Cameron
  24. Carbon
  25. Clarion
  26. Clearfield
  27. Clinton
  28. Colombia
  29. Crawford
  30. Cumberland
  31. Lycoming
  32. Laquana
  33. Lancaster
  34. Lawrence
  35. Lebanon
  36. Lehigh
  37. Lucerne
  38. McKean
  39. Mifflin
  40. Monroe
  41. Montgomery
  42. Montour
  43. Mercer
  44. Northampton
  45. Northumberland
  46. Pike
  47. Perry
  48. Potter
  49. Center
  50. Skullkill
  51. Snyder
  52. Sullivan
  53. Somerset
  54. Squealed
  55. Tayoga
  56. Wyoming
  57. Wayne
  58. Westmoreland
  59. Warren
  60. Fayette
  61. Philadelphia
  62. Forrest
  63. Franklin
  64. Fulton
  65. Huntingdon
  66. Chester
  67. Union


Country USA
State Pennsylvania
Area 30.73 km²
Highness height 98 m
Population 49,528 people
ZIP code 17101-17113, 17120-17130, 17140, 17177
Telephone code 717, 223
Official site

Harrisburg (in English: Harrisburg) is a city and the administrative center of the state of Pennsylvania, USA. Harrisburg has a population of 48,950. (2000)

Famous people

Born in Harrisburg

  • Newt Gingrich (b. 1943), politician

Pennsylvania, United States


Population: 1,447.395 thousand people (2008)
Area: 369.9 sq. km

Philadelphia is the first US capital to adopt the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Philadelphia is also called the “cradle of American freedom” because all the most important events that led to the further development of American democracy took place in it. Philadelphia is one of the oldest cities in the United States, which has played a prominent role in the history of the state.

The main historical landmark of the city is Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was adopted, and later, in 1787, the Constitution of the United States.

Not far from Independence Hall is the Liberty Bell, which announced the adoption of the Declaration with its ringing. There is also the Congress Hall, built in 1787, in which the “Bill of Rights” was signed.

Founded in 1662, Philadelphia is now one of the largest cities in the US. Once Philadelphia could remain the capital of the United States, but historically things turned out differently. Despite this, the metropolitan ambitions of the city are quite noticeable, only now they have gone in a different direction – in the economic and cultural development of the city. Philadelphia is a paradise for those who like to wander through the museums, of which there are about two dozen in it: historical, dedicated to prominent citizens, literary and many others. And go around all the art galleries in Philadelphiain one day is physically impossible. Two museums stand out in particular: the Philadelphia Museum of African American History and Culture (considered the best in the US) and the Museum of American Jewish History. Both museums are located in the Old Town, not far from the city’s waterfront.

In addition, in the Old Town there is another of the historical sights of the city – the Church of Christ. This temple was once visited by George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, as well as a black servant, Betsy Ross, who, according to unverified reports, sewed the first American star-striped flag. Today, this fact is a topic for many disputes, but Philadelphians are warmed by the idea that their city is also the birthplace of the national flag. Therefore, one of the bridges across the Delaware River is named after Betsy Ross.

It is also worth visiting the house-museum of the famous author and founder of the genre of horror stories, Edgar Alan Poe. It was in this house that the famous Black Cat was painted in 1843.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art exhibits works by Picasso, Rousseau and Renoir, as well as works by many American artists. In addition, Philadelphia is home to the oldest street in the United States. The houses lining the street date from 1728-1836. And St. George’s United Methodist Church, built between 1763 and 69, is the oldest Methodist church in America. It is also worth visiting one of the largest urban parks in the world – Fermont Park. On its territory is the oldest zoo in the country. In addition to Philadelphiaother attractions include the Italian Market, the Powell House, the Penn Center, the Aquamara and Elfort Alley, and the first U.S. department store, Wanamakers, a popular downtown meeting place.

Pass the evening after an exciting day in Philadelphia ‘s many concert halls and theaters located on Broad Street: the Philadelphia Opera, the Pennsylvania Ballet, the Philadelphia Orchestra, as well as musical and drama theaters and jazz studios.

But if you are interested in leisure of a different kind, then Philadelphia is full of bars, cozy cafes and restaurants with excellent cuisine. And for lovers of shopping in the city center, there are many boutiques and shops.

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