Pavlok: the Shocking Alarm Clock that Promises to Wake Anyone

Everyone knows someone who has a hard time waking up.You probably have a friend, a relative like that or even identify yourself with the description.But is there any way to keep these people from losing their time?Is there any way to stop too much napping from being late to commitment?

A company called Pavlok has just released the Pavlok Shocking Alarm clock to show that the answer is “yes.”The device looks like an ordinary smartphone, and is connected to a smartphone to cause alarms and other commands to be programmed.When the alarm time arrives, it may emit vibrations, light electrical impulses, or electric shocks.

According to what the company promises, over time users are trained to wake up before the alarm – showing that Pavlok’s inspiration in Pavlov goes far beyond the name.It goes without saying that technology goes well beyond alarm clocks for lazy mornings.Each device costs $ 149, but for now the sale is restricted to the United States.

Other Functions

Although the official website of the manufacturer does not make it clear how the system works for other functions, it is said that there is how to configure Pavlok for several cases.For example, it would also be useful for anyone who wants to quit smoking or chewing fingernails – or even eating at inappropriate times.The shocks would be responsible for “re-education”