Orange CEO Says That The New IPhone Will Be Thinner, and Will Have a Smaller SIM

Stephen Richard, CEO of France Telecom (owner of Orange), commented in an interview that Apple is reaching agreements with operators to use a new SIM card, small, physical, rather than the system in memory included in the phone from Cupertino planning.

Operators agree that changing the type of SIM is a critical process, since we are talking about security and authentication, as well as an update of the systems in stores, and so did you know Apple. Right now are having a constructive and open in the connection dialogue.

Last year, it was reported that Apple was working on a SIM “embedded” in the phone, flash memory-based, and therefore updatable. At that time liked the idea not to European operators. With respect to a smaller SIM, last week we already started to speak about the topic.

According to statements by the CEO, the new SIM card is not the released in the iPhone 4 (MicroSIM), but a smaller, while the rest of the manufacturers with the conventional size. In fact last week, Apple Apple joined the “European Telecommunications Standards Institute”, a new form of SIM card.

Orange CEO gives us to understand that this change will also focus that Apple’s next phone is thinner. He has not said anything about the latest rumors of the curved screen,.

Another important point that we discussed, is the possibility that the phone is global, i.e. the same version would have the support to different major networks (GSM-CDMA) market.

The competition is also good for operators

During the interview he was asked by the competition from Apple, and expressed the view that Microsoft and Nokia they are in a difficult moment, and have to turn the tortilla. On RIM He thinks that it is really working well, but have quality tackle problems.

Richard for a market with 90% of phones Android It is bad for the user, the competition always makes attractive sales and improves the quality of the competitors.

On tablets, “the new great thing”, currently only sees market for the iPad, the rest are too behind. Can’t determine what the size of that market, since it is a new niche to exploit.

Currently France Telecom is the second largest operator in traffic with iPhones, just behind the American AT & T. sells currently Apple phone in 15 countries under the name Orange.