OnePlus X 5 Inch, Snapdragon 801 and Presentation in October

OnePlus released their second great device at the end of last July, but the same company CEO confirmed rumors that had long pointed that that would not be its unique mobile 2015. Therefore We still have pending OnePlus X, a device’s range medium that he is expected at the end of year.

But perhaps we don’t have to wait so much to have it in our hands, or at least that is what we are told in Gizmochina, where they refer to their own sources within the company to confirm the rumor that OnePlus X will be launched in October with a new much more aesthetic design and a somewhat smaller than its flagship screen.

5 inch and Snapdragon 801

According to this information the OnePlus X would have a design far more premium and attractive, and the first leaks on it draw us a curious double rear camera. Gizmochina also makes reference to its sources to ensure that the device to be mounted a display of 5 inches and a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 801.

Commitment to this hardware should allow OnePlus can lower the maximum price despite having a better design. It is rumored that the price could be $249, Although until is not confirmed nor let us know more specifications OnePlus x we can not value to what extent it is tight or excessive.

Over the next few days are expected to begin arriving new rumors on this phone, which either will play be attentive to what is said by the network to start to get an idea of what the Chinese manufacturer has us ready to end the year.