Nokia Lumia 1520 Review: Big, Bigger, MEGA!

Nokia Lumia 1520 is utvilsomt a super cool Windows Phone topmobil-But almost a little too big!

The first impression-Wouw, it is great

When I opened the box for Nokia Lumia 1520, was my first outbreak: “Wouw, it is great!”-A mega phablet from Nokia with a giant screen at 6 inches.

The design is completely in line with previous Lumia models, just much bigger! Rounded edges, the location of the buttons on the right side of the phone and three touchknapper on the front under the screen. At a single point is however different from 1520 Lumia for example Lumia 925: USB input is moved from the top to the bottom of the unit.

Could you open the bonnet on Lumia 1520, one would see a top tuned engine with:

-2.2 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 800
-6 inch full HD x 1920 ClearBlack, IPS LCD
-20 megapixel pureview camera
-32 GB of memory that can be expanded with microSD and 7 GB free OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive)
-4 g/LTE cat 4

Everything whizzes away with top speed. Virtually no waiting and at no time has the device had a hint of lag or notch.

Startup – up and running quickly

Have you previously had a Windows Phone you can at first startup choose to restore Lumia 1520 with settings from the old Lumia. A super smart feature, which provides an overview of all one’s social media and email accounts. Enter the passwords for the various services and then install the all automatically on your device, just like the previously downloaded apps downloaded on your phone.

Lumia 1520 using nano-SIM, and you do not have a such in advance, you must either order it with your phone provider, or started with the scissors (However, it is at your own risk)

When all the start-up phases are over, the future tones, one of the most marked differences by Nokia Lumia 1520, as a super large screen with space for even more tiles. Exactly, there is now space for three tiles in between size in width, but the largest tile fills only two rows, which can still be surprised, when the big screen just might be exploited by making even bigger tiles with Live feature.

Are you familiar with Windows Phone 8, you will not experience the big surprises. The system works as on other devices with Windows Phone 8. From the main screen swipes to the page, and a list of installed applications appears. Swipe back and you are returned on the main screen – easy and simple.

Lumia 1520 is preinstalled with Windows Phone 8 and Lumia Black.


Great screen, but poorly ydnyttet

Looking at the screen of Lumia 1520 is a feast for the eyes. It is comfortable, easy to aflæselig, great contrast and razor-sharp.

The viewing angle is great and especially in strong sunlight, the screen is easy to read, which several other smartphone manufacturers could learn something from.

But screen size can also be a challenge for users who would like to use the phone with one hand. It is almost impossible to leave the phone resting in the Palm of the hand, with the thumb while frantically trying to reach the letters on the keyboard on the other side of the screen.

Here it becomes clear that the screen on Lumia 1520 is not used optimally. Nokia could have chosen to take advantage of the big screen, to fill the several things in or make workspaces easier to handle, but instead are fonts and keyboard magnified up, which does not give more space to the message text and overview.

It is a mystery why Nokia has not created a custom keyboard that enables you to operate the phone and, in particular, writing messages with one hand.

It must necessarily have been considered, as the designers had Lumia 1520 on the drawing board, since touchtasterne on the front is placed with sufficient space at the center of the device, so that they can be reached with the thumb, and thus one-hand operated.

Unfortunately touchknapperne little life of their own. They are not sign up, but hidden, and lit up only by touch. Or at least it should do, because sometimes the lights are not up, and so it is extremely difficult to see where you need to press. Only using the three finger fedtpletter that sits under the screen, which gives an idea of the location of the buttons.

However, in fairness it must be said now that Nokia has not at any time indicated that the phone was supposed to be optimized for one-handed operation, why of course we also have tested the product with two hands.

Here stands the big screen and keyboard, the number of misprints is minimized, because the keys are simply easier to hit right. But the overview is still missing, and Lumia 1520 works most of all as a great phone, targeted visually impaired persons.


Camera top

The camera in Lumia 1520 is pumped up to 20 megapixels pureview, which is a massive leap from Lumia 925 with 8.7 megapixel (it would not be fair to compare with Lumia 1020 with 41 megapixels, which is dimensioned entirely different than the camera in Lumia 1520)

Now is a high number of Megapixels is not synonymous with a superior camera, since other factors like sensor size and lighting come into play. Sensor in Lumia 1520 is at 1/2.5 inch, where sensor on Lumia 925 is at 1/3 of an inch.

The camera has a dedicated button on the right side of the unit that is used to call the camera appears on the screen, and as the release button when you want to shot photos.

The camera is operated easily via the application Nokia Camera, which can easily switch between auto and advanced settings, with the possibility of adjusting the white balance, ISO, focus, shutter speed and exposure compensation.

Performance is top-notch, and the differences from previous models is clearly visible when zoomed in after reading the images, or when the match is in a dark environment.

There is good contrast and even in the event of heavy cropping of the pictures, there’s a lot to, before the image will be grainy or pixelated. All thanks to a high number of megapixels and optical beetle destabilization.

The pictures are great-looking sharp with crisp colors and super good contrast.

Phone or tablet

Now Nokia Lumia 1520 as such a phone, but if you want to use it as such, it is a few things you have to have into account.
It is enormously large to hold up to your ear, and with its 209 grams can quickly become rubbery and heavy arm conversation.

The next problem comes, if you find yourself in a place with a lot of noise, and wants to increase the volume. It is associated with the risk of losing his girlfriend owning that one tries to find the volume knob.

The button is located on the right side of the phone – practice quite as designed on Lumia. The only problem is that if you want to keep the device at the ear during the maneuver, one must move his hand higher and higher up convulsively on the device while trying to stick on your device. It is a “second chance” Nokia.

That being said, there is not a finger to put on sound quality. The whole thing is heard loud and clear — even if there is much background noise.

The same applies to the phone’s ability to intercept the sender’s voice, that would clearly be reproduced to the recipient, without distracting background noise.

Internet with speed on

The data connection on Lumia 1520 running like everything else furiously fast, and at speeds of up to 150 Mbps in 4 g, it is no matter to surf the Web.

The device is running Internet Explorer, and with a screen of 6 inch one can quietly go into options in Internet Explorer and set the display of full Web pages by default.

It all runs super fast, and the big screen makes it easy to read most content on a full website. Will it be yet too small can easily be zoomed with two fingers, and moved around on the page, while zooming.


Business in a League of its own

In addition to being a phone so is Lumia 1520 with his big screen is a great choice for business people, who would like to have a little work done while on the move.

The big screen is great for work, and with the preinstalled Office suite, there are plenty of opportunities to do both text documents, spreadsheets, etc.

Unit easy and simple up to OneDrive or Office 365, where private or business documents can be saved.

Battery life – Thumbs up

To judge the battery life can be a diffuse size, as different users have different consumption patterns.

Some of the most energy-guzzling in a smartphone, is without a doubt the screen, and with a 6 inch screen, Lumia 1520 really need a battery with much power.

Nokia has no save battery power in 1520, there have been equipped Lumia with proper krabat at 3,400 mAh.

By very active use from 18:00. 7 in the morning until midnight. 23 in the evening there is still power back on, without the use of batterisparefunktioner 1520 Lumia. It is more than accepted – Thumbs up!


Conclusion – Delicious, but very big!

Nokia Lumia 1520 can be hard to be clever. On the one hand, give the big screen a lot of benefits, but conversely, it seems as if the device repeatedly stumbles, and makes the benefits to cons.

Overall, this is a super phone, with a dead gorgeous screen, which objectively has it all: crisp full HD x 1920, great contrast and readability in sunlight.

But several sites exploited the big screen not optimum. Tiles on the main screen can not fill more than two rows. It is therefore not possible to make a tile that fills from one edge to the other.

Keyboard and fonts are scaleret up, so the keyboard takes up half of the screen, and makes one-hand control for an impossible task.

Nokia, however, has not alleged that Lumia should be one-hand operated 1520, so I’ll just point out that single-handed is difficult.

In addition, restricted the overview of the large keypad and the large fonts, so that the total yield of the big screen will be diminished in relation to composing messages, emails, etc.

Several sites gives Lumia 1520, however, fully benefit from the big screen. By surfing the full Web pages can be read by using Internet Explorer and is operated without problems.

In addition to the screen is great, the device itself is also huge. So great to operate the volume button can be a problem, if it should occur in the context of a call.

No doubt that Lumia 1520 is a gorgeous device, but I would personally choose it from due to size, there is absolutely not suited to a trouser pocket, where I’d like to have my phone.

Be it in a trouser pocket, in addition to the phone’s price on slightly less than 5,000 dollars, include the cost of a new pair of pants, one size or two larger than normal.

Trouser size is not a problem, and on the other hand, you want a phone with large display and potential as a workhorse, Lumia 1520 the right and obvious choice. The big screen makes it highly suitable, to work with the products in the preinstallerede office package, and, more generally, act as a business people’s arm.

The camera is pulling in the right direction. The 20 megapixels with optical beetle destabilization performer really nice and even under low light conditions, it can achieve nice shots without flash/Flash.

Nokia Lumia 1520 gets 4 out of 6 stars, because it lacks a little in order to reach all the way to the top.

-Delicious display
-Good camera
-Long battery life

-Difficult single-handed
-Poor use of screen size
-A little too big
-Touchknapper not always lit