No, Not Google Will Make a Copy of Our Fingerprint on The New Nexus

The popularization of the readers of mark as recognition system safe to unlock the phone has caused provided that announcement of a device of this nature arises the same questions: What happens with them? are stored the somewhere? How safe is?

As Google has not made an official statement but an engineer working with the team that develops the Nexus 5 X and Nexus 6 p has been on Reddit a few hours answering questions from users including one related to the fingerprint reader. You can rest assured because they will not go very far from your device.

Explains Hiroshi Lockheimer, Nexus devices fingerprints are stored in a special plot of the terminal’s ROM memory. Stored safely so that you can access it maliciously leaving only the API of Android 6.0 as the single access door applications that require it, such as for example Android Paygalaxy s.

In no time the footprint is stored in cloud that Google does not have a copy of those data. In other words: If we had one of the new Nexus and months to buy another of these models, We would have to reconfigure the footprints Apart from that we use the same Google account.

What happens with other manufacturers?

As you know, there are several mobile already on the market with fingerprint reader: stop Galaxy of this year range, the Sony Z5, OnePlus 2, Matt S… The list is longer and it is that this component is already very common in terminals more pointers on Android. Do other manufacturers follow the same policy? Yes.

Researching on the readers of other companies, all specified that fingerprints are recorded in a special plot of memory (which is technically called as) Trusted Zone) and are never stored on services cloud, or own Google account on servers that use the respective companies to make backup of the user data.

It is a matter of very important privacy and manufacturers are not doing great emphasis on clear our footprints are on our phone since none has made a clear and emphatic communication on the matter.

It must also take into account that the fact that our footprints are not stored anywhere It does not mean that they are 100% safe. Long since there are technical documentation on the Web explaining how to abuse these systems to get information of our fingertips. It is more secure and faster than a PIN or an unlock pattern, but it is not impenetrable.