New 3 Beta 5 IOS Comes with New Features and Advances Firm, Campus Cupertino

Here we are again, for a second consecutive week, in this new section in Engadget Mobile, Campus Cupertino, where you will get from Applesfera a short summary of what has been the week in the Apple world for iOS devices. Our colleague Juan Carlos, Xataka Android, it will do the same with its section the Android Invasion. And it is that, while Apple world is expectant to the launch of OS X Lion, the operating system for gadgets has not been precisely still.

We began the week with the news that iOS 5 beta 3, was available to the developers. And with important changes that determine the direction it points to where the future operating system for iPhones, iPads and iPods. For example, a new touch Wizard makes us think that perhaps the “Home” button can disappear in future devices, and the geolocation system has improved to adapt to new applications.

But not only Apple seems that it is working on the new operating system: as creative as Jean Michele Cart users showed us three ideas that had very good looking, as the management of the WiFi in the Notification Center. We showed you video:

As not everything was going to be pure and hard technology, I recommended an application to do Pilates exercises and get fit with our gadgets. But if the heat don’t feel you much that move you, also were Ascension: Chronicles of the God Slayers, a card game similar to the mythical Magic for iOS with a great pint.

News about the App Store have not missed this week. First, because Apple has tried to obtain the registration of the name “App Store”, although what got however was a not very nice message of those who used it for more time “are not going to cease or to desist.” We are here long before Steve and company.” Oops, it seems as if Steve Jobs should recharge your reality distortion field because lately it will not fine… On the other hand, Apple has changed the price of the App Store applications in some countries, and prepares the sale volume of licenses, something that many demanded.

Finish the week with Mr. Ninja, a game that could destroy your productivity as you install it, and Saver, a very useful application to keep our expenses to date and that the iPad 3 us not caught with the account. As Hurrah, 4.3.4 iOS update, which eliminates the security flaw that allows to jailbreak to devices with this version of the operating system.

As you can see, nobody would say that we are in the summer and that the news or applications are scarce, we encourage you to take a look at entries that we recommend and enjoy with them. The next weekend we are here to review the list of tasks that Apple gets to deploy next week. ¬°Enjoy the summer and eat many apples!