Nevada, United States

Nevada, United States

Country USA
Capital city Carson City
Area 286,367 km²
Population 3,104,614 people (2020)
10.8 people/km²
Governor Brian Sandoval
Time zone UTC-8
ZIP code NV
Official site

Nevada (in English: Nevada) is a state located in the western parts of the United States. Known for the ease of marriage, the legalization of gambling, and (in some counties) prostitution. It has some of the strictest laws against drugs. The state capital is Carson City, and the largest city is Las Vegas.

Nevada’s official nickname is the “Silver State” because of the large deposits of silver discovered and developed there. Its motto is “All for Our Country”. Since 1867, it has been the thirty-sixth state of the United States. It has a population of 2,890,845 (2015), of which over 85% live in the cities of Las Vegas and Reno.

The total area of ​​Nevada is 286,386 km², of which 284,479 km² is land and 1,907 km² is water (0.67%). About 86% of the land is owned by the federal government.

The state is named after the Sierra Nevada mountain range, and the word Nevada itself means “snowfall, cover with snow” in Spanish. The terrain is mountainous and desert.


It borders the states of Oregon and Idaho to the north, California to the west and south, and Utah and Arizona to the east. It encompasses the Mojave Desert to the south and most of the Great Valley to the north.


The first Europeans to set foot on these lands in 1776 were the Spaniards. Francisco Garces discovered these places while searching for a route between California and New Mexico. John Charles Fremont made many expeditions and was the first to map these lands.

Until 1848, Nevada was part of Mexico. The US conquered it in the Mexican-American War.


The state is mainly supported by gambling (48.6% of revenues). Metallurgy, gold and silver mining, glass production, energy industry and agriculture (livestock) are also developed.


  • Boulder City
  • Virginia City
  • Ealy
  • Elko
  • West Wendover
  • Carlin
  • Carson City – the capital
  • Las Vegas
  • Reno
  • North Las Vegas
  • Sparks
  • Wales
  • Henderson
  • Eureka


According to Countryaah, Nevada consists of 16 counties and 1 independent city – Carson City. They are:

  1. Douglas
  2. Elko
  3. Esmeralda
  4. Clark
  5. Lyon
  6. Lander
  7. Lincoln
  8. Mineral
  9. Most
  10. Pershing
  11. Storey
  12. White Pine
  13. Washo
  14. Humboldt
  15. Churchill
  16. Eureka

Carson City

Country USA
State Nevada
Area 435.1 km²
Highness height 1463 m
Population 54,745 people (2017)
126 people/km²
ZIP code 89701-89706, 89711-89714, 89721
Telephone code 775
Official site
Carson City

Carson City (in English: Carson City) is the capital of the state of Nevada, United States of America.

The city has a population of 54,745 (2017 estimate).

Carson City is a separate city, not part of any county in the state. Like many other cities in the state, Carson City was founded during the period of discovery and development of mines, in this case – silver mines. The largest city nearby is Reno.

Nevada, United States

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