Mobile Virtuosity: Only of Guitar with an IPad to Relax Weekend

Mobility, in the technological aspect itself, has reached a degree of relevance in the lives of all and each one of us unthinkable. Not only in the professional field with mobile devices and tablets of last generation, but also in the day of any poor mortal who can adapt it to your needs, by unimaginable that this is. Obviously, leisure has never been an aspect that was detached from this type of device, so I can not to pass the following video as a tribute to what this type of equipment can make in expert hands.

We know that GarageBand version for iPad has the potential to create great musical works by hand of those with enough talent to use it properly. One of those people is George Lambro has created a fascinating guitar with battery backup, solo synthesizer and bass. While the program is able to record tracks independent for each of the instruments, the interpreter has chosen to make a colorful montage that shows the execution of each one of them with great skill.

A video that invites, and more at the weekend, to the volume of your computer and sit to put comodor and enjoy the virtuosity of the man supported by the most advanced domestic technology. A luxury for the senses.