Microsoft Afholdt Media and Analyst Day I Barcelona

Microsoft har inviteret til Media and Analyst day ved MWC i Barcelona.

Microsoft has invited to the press conference, Media and Analyst day at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The press conference starts today at noon.1300, and will follow the event.

We do not know quite what Microsoft has up its sleeve in today’s event, but we do not expect any major presentations …

Joe Belfiore, who is vice president and manager for Windows Phone Programme and management, took to the stage at today’s event.

Belfiore told about Microsoft plans that so-called roadmap for the merging of apps for Windows and Windows Phone.

In addition, we were informed that Micosoft would take advantage of games that can be stored in the cloud, and thus will be played on the Windows Phone will be stored on OneDrive, and played on PC or Xbox.

For Windows, there will be an update during the spring when the interface has changed a bit, then “Turn off” and options coming on the home screen, it will be easier to multitask, and mouse inerface will be slightly different.

The update is called so far Windows 8.1 Update.

About Windows Phone told Belfiore, to which has now been downloaded more than 4 billion apps from Windows Phone Store, and that there are now over 245,000 apps available in the Store.

A small and sought after news it was also, as it emerged that Facebook Messenger is coming to Windows Phone.

Hardware requirements for Windows Phone is changed, then the SD card supported better and apps can be installed on the SD card. In addition, change the specifications, so it no longer becomes a requirement with three buttons on the front, but instead supports soft key, so buttons on the screen.

Windows Phone coming to support dual-sim.

At today’s press conference, Microsoft also presented a number of collaborators that relate it to the Windows Phone. Among the partners are among others: HTC, Huawei, lenovo, LG, Nokia, ZTE and Samsung.