Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid: News of a Walkway That Aims to Be Fourth

3, 2, 1 begins the show!! I do not think that there is a word that can be defined over what to spend these days in Madrid. Everything is a show that is on the one hand managed to give output to this desire to include industry and above all, what should be, for trying to sell a product to consumers.

New to see this season? Do really worthwhile see male trends proposed by the Madrid pasarela? What are the successes and failures of the Cibeles deceased? Today we are going to do a review throughout this universe whose principal obstacle are the numbers but tail sticking through the network.

Male presence in MBFWM

One of my favorite designers of all this universe of fashion week Madrid is Ana Locking. Its collections have a very remarkable technical quality, a very strong structure in terms of patterns and colors and patterns that become trends each season.

David Dolphin It is another designer who rely much on men when creating a collection. It gives us a role that shows almost 50% in the parades. Something is happening with Davidelfin and the day of the parade, September 1 at 12:00 o’clock, we will discover it.

Seems that Mercedes Benz has relied on him to during his show opens the new class would have something to do Bimba Bosé in all of this? This teaser gives us some clues. I’m very sure is that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Another of my expected parades is Martinlamothe. I share two seasons ago a previous parade with the designer and I think that its collections and the general philosophy of the firm breathe in aires international, very fresh and interesting. Which studied at Saint Martins, along with his team, has created a newspaper that during this last month has been hanging everything what was going on in the workshop and as a result we see one of the looks that will parade on Sunday.

The controversy also visit the number 14 of Ifema Pavilion this season and is that Victorio & Lucchino Parade after knowing that the company is in bankruptcy. After leaving the company (in a forced manner) the main figure of the male designs of the brand, which was neither Victor nor Luis, it has come into play the Catalan company Claris silk and will the proposals for man.

Designers, who this year closed one of its legendary shops Seville located in a central square of the city, expect to put on bad weather good face in the next parade.

Bloggers speak

It is clear that very important part during the last editions of Cibeles they have been bloggers, who even is has given us a privileged place within cibelespacio rooms in which we can work and accreditation for a group of them who have access to Backstage or Kissing Room.

The male part is minority, but this year there are many more. We speak with Jose Airam of Ecoolsystem, Javo Girela The other shoe last, Pedro Pires Piter blog and Antonio Miranda show me the must and released them the following questions: what to expect from this MBFWM? In which designers have placed more hope in the male field? Do you think that Madrid should bet more on collections for man or even to have a men’s fashion week?

-Jose Airam: MBFW is the place where, in addition to viewing fashion, you are and reencuentras with many people. That is what I hope. See parades and interesting proposals, but also fun. Ana Locking has positioned itself as one of the greatest in terms of menswear and Davidelfín is one of the must haves. There are always interesting proposals in the Ego and the calendar Off Etxeberria and Rabaneda I love. Without a doubt, there are potential and enough talent to have a week exclusively for us. Support of the male Madrid fashion week!

-Javo: I prefer not to expect anything and that surprised me what I have to wonder, every year is different. Although it is true that one of the things that you expect is to meet people who you don’t see so regularly throughout the year. In the two last editions has left very good flavor of mouth male collection Ana Locking, and I hope that continues as well. Davidelfin is another of the most eagerly awaited proposals with risky finishes of tailoring and Etxeberria, this year in off and one of the few to present only man, has managed to highlight without much experience on the catwalk.

Certainly Madrid should go for masculine design, the question is whether the Spanish designers are willing to do so, more in these times of crisis in which risk is almost impossible. Some of which already had a large male line have managed to reinforce it in recent years with more realistic and appealing for the man proposals, without abandoning the part of design and remaining faithful to its DNA.

-Piter: The best of MBFWM is to feel the excitement of fashion in its purest form, see live upcoming trends and with your own eyes is something that you don’t get through the computer screen.
On the other hand, I believe that, although still a long way to go in terms of men’s fashion in the Madrid pasarela, some creators such as Ana Locking and Etxebarria fall in love me completely with their perfect vision of the remixed originality with good dress.

-Antonio Miranda: Silence. Expectation. Music opens the catwalk, bulbs are lit and starting parades. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid is a catwalk full of illusion, fashion, but above all of magic. No bet by a designer in particular, all and each one of the acclaimed masters and novices, give the best of themselves to create, express, using patterns, falls, textures, colors and details. If it is true that it should give more importance to men’s fashion within the fashion week Madrid, not creating a gateway to part, but if giving it the importance that it deserves, since men’s fashion has both public and demand, as the female.

Attentive to Jezebel man because these days we will be updating with the comments about the parades. Here is the program so don’t lose track of the catwalk.

What parade have more desire to see? What are your favorite designers?