Men’s Handbags and Folders: If You Inspire!

You talk, guys, what’s up?
Today goes a subject that much but many even ask me why I always use a purse/backpack to anywhere. Ai I speak:”It is a matter of habit, today always use and use various templates”.
Who said the scholarships are exclusive to women? No, no, no. These practical, functional and versatile accessories also have space in the masculine wardrobe and are turning the way of dressing of the Brazilian man. This trend first appeared on the catwalks and in the editorials of fashion, then being present in the clothing of the famous. And it took nothing to start being seen in the streets too. Today, men of the most different ages, with various styles and professions completely distinct carry their handbags where they go.

And here we’ll demystify another taboo: Contrary to what many think, the fashion of male handbags is not restricted to fashionistas! Basic men, students and even executives have taken with them super stylish handbags. Want to know how to use this wallet trend in the best shape? So continue reading our article based on
What’s the story of the men’s purses?
Scholarships have existed since prehistory, when nomads wore makeshift bags to carry their belongings from one side to the other. But it was only in the 16th century that scholarships began to be made on a large scale. At the time, women embraced the idea of having handbags aside to bring mirrors, perfumes and fans, while men were content with pockets glued to clothing.
Between the 16th and 19th century, scholarships gained strength worldwide and new models emerged, including the famous wallets. In this period, the accessory was still used primarily by the feminine public. In the next century, there were disastrous attempts to make men wear handbags without prejudice, but it was only in 2011 that the male scholarships were seen as important items for aerial men. In very little time, the accessory began to be seen in novels, series and, of course, on the streets!
Why invest in a male purse?
For a long time, everything men needed to take with you on the day could be easily put in their pockets, right? But today’s needs are other, with most needing to always have the cell phone, notebook, chargers, documents, wallets, glasses and so on. And there’s simply no pocket able to behave all these things! So to accommodate the necessary items without compromising the style, the ideal is to be worth of male handbags! Simple, isn’t it?
What are the advantages of these purses?
In addition to the clear advantage of being able to carry many things within it, the right handbags still complement male productions with personality and elegance. Another benefit of scholarships is the fact that they are versatile, combining with different occasions and types of clothing. That’s right, man. The men’s handbags can be used from sporting looks to costumes in the full-style promenade, all depending on the material and model of the accessory. It is still worth pointing out that scholarships for man are also advantageous because it is nothing impossible to find models and brands of the most varied prices, i.e. it is a very handy piece.
What about materials and degrees of formality?
There are informal, formal and fully formal scholarships. The nylon, canvas and fabric handbags, for example, are in the informal group, and should be used in school, at happy hour or more relaxed working environments. Already the handbags in the model post, leather, are in-form, falling well in the situations mentioned earlier as well as at dinners, for example. The traditional folders and briefcases of structured material, in turn, integrate the category of formal masculine scholarships, which should be used exclusively in working environments.

What are the main types of male purse?

Postman:For being a semifinal and an extremely versatile option, the male purse model easier to use is the leather post bag. You also find handbags post-canvas, woven and nylon, but in these cases are most recommended for students who prefer looks stripped and relaxed.
Bowling:Less popular among men, the bowling-style pouch has everything to gain strength in the upcoming seasons. This model has hand or shoulder straps, plus a longer one for use in tow, which is usually removable.
Camera bag:The camera bag is not a simple purse! It can even be used to save other items, but it is designed even to accommodate photographic cameras, single lenses and suchlike.
Hand Wallet:The wallet is very confused with the conventional folder, but actually it is a wallet, only a little larger. So, instead of being taken in the pocket, it’s loaded in the hand.
Briefcases and folders:Usually leather, these handbags are usually used by entrepreneurs and executives to carry documents.