Medion P9514 E7316 (MD98282): Test of the Aldi Tablets in the Seven-Inch Format

Time just quickly grab a bargain on eBay, go watch a YouTube movie or small Tablet PCs are sure how to read a book. Now, Aldi is a revised version of his seven inch tablets with Android 4.2.2 Medion for less than 100 euros on the shelf (P9514 E7312 you find the test of the first variant). What is good for the new P9514 E7316?

Video: Medion P9514 E7316 (MD98282) in the Test

Touched and measured

The price one does not notice the P9514: it sits comfortably in the hand, has solid handles and is not too difficult with a weight of 320 g. The wide margin looks but slightly frumpy and 1.1 cm height, the Tablet is quite thick, even if it easily Pack into the breast pocket of a winter coat can be.

Medion P9514 E7316 (MD98282): product and detail photos

Medion P9514 E7316 (MD98282) see left and tried
So that the apps on the Tablet only way chael, a powerful engine is required. The quad-core processor, which sits on the current model (the featured end of October P9514 E7312 had a dual-core model only), brings in practice but rarely benefits: the pace is alright, but not exhilarating. Because the memory is too small with a gigabyte as in its predecessor.

Stored and billed

Grob is calculated according to the data sheet of the memory for apps, videos, and photos: eight gigabytes are available as a result. In truth, but only 5.2 gigabytes are free, pre-installed programs and the operating system Android occupy the rest of 4.2.2. class: the memory can be expanded via MicroSD card to up to 64 gigabytes (not in the package, starting from 35 Euro) with its predecessor, s were only 32 gigabytes. For Bluetooth speaker, the Medion Tablet provides the corresponding radio module, fast Wi-Fi (802. 11n) is also available for browsing on the Internet. What is missing? HDMI for image reproduction on a large monitor or TV and GPS for mobile use as a navigation device.

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looked at and touched

As with the previously offered P9514 E7312 the display has shortcomings: the Medion with only 1024 x 600 pixels brings Internet sites and holiday photos slightly blurred and with falsified colours on the screen. From the side, the image appears also greatly distorts and in bright sunlight, hardly anything can be recognized. The reason: The display brightness is too low. ? Also interfere with strong reflections. After all, responded the touch screen exactly and precisely implemented user input.

Refueled and blank went

Video: Medion P9514 E7316

Down February 27 there is a seven inch Tablet for $99 at Aldi. That sounds tempting! But everything needs a Tablet offers the new P9514? Medion P9514 E7316 of Aldi in the test
moderate screen, weak battery? No! In the test, the P9514 came from less than ten and a half hours without plug, it ran three hours longer than the previous! After two hours and 50 minutes was again full to the brim of current donors are ordinary values for a seven inch tablet. Less great: The cameras are underground bad. Photo – and video recordings appeared in the test dark, blurred and with falsified colours.

Conclusion: Medion P9514 E7316

Of course there on the Aldi tablet a lot to complain about, but for a model in this price range it was in the test fairly decent. So in between looking for a handy device for surfing the Web for visits to Facebook and videos, get with the P9514 E7316 a decent tablet to a fair price.

Pro Cheaper Retail Price Acceptable Pace Memory expandable Long battery Life Android 4.2.2 Contra Moderate Display HDMI and GPS are missing Bad Camera Test Note of the Editorial 2.68 satisfying