MediaTek MT6595: Eight Core Chip for Smartphones Makes Steam

MediaTek shone so far mainly by low-cost SoCs (System on a chip), so the integration of as many of the features on a component. It was founded in 1997 so far not in the program had models the Crown access the fastest CPU / graphics chip combo for smartphones and tablets with Android operating system. That should change.

Eight instead of four cores

The Taiwanese electronics company with the MT6595 for the first time a SoC presents, whose driving ARM is carried out by four processor cores of the brand new type cortex A17 from the British company. You should be used only for debilitating tasks, such as power-hungry games. WhatsApp, Facebook, eBay & co. are four more power-efficient computing units of type ARM Cortex A7 available. So library wants to ensure a long battery life of smartphones and Tablet PCs. Still, MediaTek has not released information on the maximum clock frequencies.

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graphics unit from imagination technologies

The image reproduction on displays and control the cameras a series 6 GPU by imagination technologies ensures on the SoC. According to MediaTek will enough steam for screen resolutions with 2560 x 1600 pixels and camera shots with up to 20 mega pixels to deploy.

Fast LTE

That around 7,000 employees strong company promises also, that the MT6595 with current LTE technology works. Therefore, the LTE chip implanted on the SoC to allow maximum 150 megabits per second download speeds, when data is sent (upload) it should be at least up to 50 megabits per second. Prerequisites for this are an appropriate mobile phone contract and spot an LTE network that provides this pace.

Gigabit Wi-Fi

Who via Wi-Fi at home on the Internet surfing or exchanging data with other devices wirelessly, you want to do this thanks to a high-speed Wi-Fi chips on the SoC with up to 1,000 megabits per second. For a fast Wi-Fi ac router is recommended.

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The production of MT6595, MediaTek wants to start in the first half of the year. First smartphones and Tablet PCs with the new chip should come in the summer in the trade. What they are, did the manufacturer. Only so much: MediaTek primarily sees use in premium appliances. Whether it works remains to be seen. Because so far, SoCs by MediaTek have emerges not just as Turbo drive for smartphones and tablets. Also MediaTek central processing units were found almost exclusively in cheap and rather leisurely models.