Meaning of Weapon

A weapon is an instrument or tool that allows you to attack or defend yourself. Generally, the term refers to the physical aspect, since a weapon can physically hurt or even kill another person. However, in a figurative sense, the notion of a weapon is often used to refer to verbal attacks or those that seek to affect the other emotionally: “His mouth is a weapon that hurts those around him. ”

“Weapons” can be understood as the set of virtues or knowledge that a person possesses and that opens doors for them at a social or work level. In general it is used in relation to the command of foreign languages, mainly English; it can be said that someone has the appropriate weapons to get a job or to access a study abroad scholarship.

Always within the positive meanings, which have nothing to do with violence, we talk about weapons of seduction to allude to certain physical and intellectual characteristics that can help one person conquer another. Although aesthetics plays a very important role in society, the true weapons of seduction are usually a peculiar smile, or an enigmatic look, a deep and captivating voice, among many other possibilities, such as being a way of expressing or laughing very distinctive.

The concept of weapon is also used to refer to a country’s armies and security forces (“Iran’s weapons are ready to repel the invasion”). On the other hand, the militia or military profession is known as a weapon.

A sharp or cutting weapon is one used in hand-to-hand combat that allows the opponent’s skin to be cut or pierced through with a point. The spear, ax, knife, sword, dagger, and saber are examples of this type of weapon.

A blunt weapon has a similar function, although it works by the force of the blow and not so much by its cutting capacity; some examples of this classification are the clubs and the boleros.

A firearm is one that allows you to propel projectiles, which are launched at high speed and can do a lot of damage. The rifle, revolver, pistol, machine gun, rifle, and carbine are firearms.

Weapons, therefore, have the basic function of hurting others. For this reason, there are numerous social groups that call for disarmament and for the reduction of government budgets for weapons.

In Japan, for example, the possession of firearms is a very delicate subject and is lived in the opposite way to countries like the United States, where any citizen can have a pistol at home. The shotgun is the only type of firearm that a Japanese person can acquire, although the procedure for obtaining a license is very long and exhaustive: firstly, attendance at a series of theoretical lessons and passing a written exam are required; then come practice and a shooting test; finally, the candidates are psychologically evaluated to verify that they do not suffer from any mental disorder, and it is verified that they do not consume narcotic drugs.

On the other hand, the police force conducts an investigation of his background, as well as that of his family, to verify that there is no criminal history. It should be clarified that belonging to some activist political group is enough reason not to pass the test. One area where shotgun ownership is common is the sport of clay pigeon shooting and hunting.


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