Maryland, United States

Maryland, United States

Country USA
Capital city Annapolis
Area 32,133 km²
Population 6,177,224 people (2020)
192 people/km²
Governor Larry Hogan
Time zone UTC -5/ -4
ZIP code MD
ISO 3166-2 US-MD
Official site

Maryland (in English: Maryland) is a state in the USA, whose zip code is MD, and the capital is Annapolis. Maryland has a population of 6,042,718. (2018) Maryland has a total area of ​​32,135 km², of which 25,276 km² is land and 6,859 km² is water

The state was named after Queen Henrietta-Marie of Bourbon-France, wife of Charles I (Maryland literally translates as “Mary’s Land”).


Maryland’s terrain is very diverse and justifies the state’s nickname “America in Miniature.” In the eastern part of the state there are sand dunes, along the bay there are swamps known for their rich fauna and bare cypress trees, and in the west rise mountains covered with pine forests. The highest point (1020 m) is located at Backbone Mountain in the southwestern part of the state. The Chesapeake Bay divides Maryland in two.

Maryland is comparable in size to Belgium.


The population of Maryland is 5,699,478 (2009). Most of it is located in the Washington-Baltimore metropolitan area. The largest city is Baltimore with its 637,418 inhabitants. The eastern part of the state is less populated than the southern and western counties.

In 2006, 645,744 of the residents were born outside the United States. Illegal immigrants are about 4%. The majority of immigrants to the state are from Latin America and Asia. Maryland has a large Korean community (1.7%). European immigrants are dominated by Poles and Italians, who are mainly concentrated in Baltimore.

In terms of race, the population is divided into:

  • white – 58.3%
  • African Americans – 28.9%
  • Hispanics – 6.0%
  • Asians – 4.9%


  • Annapolis
  • Baltimore
  • College Park
  • Cumberland
  • Rockville
  • Salisbury
  • Frederick


  • Ocean City


According to Countryaah, Maryland consists of 24 counties:

  1. Allegheny
  2. Anne Arundel
  3. Baltimore (an independent city also considered a county other than Baltimore County)
  4. Baltimore (County other than Baltimore City)
  5. Washington
  6. Garrett
  7. Dorset
  8. Caroline
  9. Kent
  10. Carol
  11. Queen Anne’s
  12. A culvert
  13. Montgomery
  14. Prince Georges
  15. Somerset
  16. St. Mary’s
  17. Sissel
  18. The Talbot
  19. Waicomico
  20. Uster
  21. Frederick
  22. Hartford
  23. Howard
  24. Charles

Annapolis, Maryland

Country USA
State Maryland
Area 20.99 km²
Highness height 12 m
Population 39,418 people
ZIP code 21401, 21402, 21403, 21404, 21405, 21409, 21411, 21412
Telephone code 410, 443
Official site

Main street in the city center

Annapolis (in English: Annapolis) is a city in the USA, the capital of the state of Maryland.


It has a total area of ​​19.7 km² and a population of 36,217 according to the 2004 census.

The city is located between the city of Baltimore and the federal capital, Washington.

Famous people

Died in Annapolis

  • Charlie Byrd (1925 – 1999), guitarist

Twin Cities

  • Dumfries, Scotland

Maryland, United States

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