LG V10: Does Your Dual Screen and What Has to Contribute to The Rest of Mobile

LG V10 has become one of the last top smartphones of the year range. Met you a week ago and We find his key point in that secondary screen It has at the top. An idea that Samsung tried to explore for years without much success and now its Korean brother picks up to try their luck.

It has become one of the most curious mobile year and as your day with the curved screen managed to capture our attention. Now well how it works and what gives? Let’s talk about it more thoroughly to try to see if it offers LG is a useful innovation or rather a resource with a questionable utility.

Two screens, two resolutions

LG V10 has two screens that work independently. The system can start one or the other when you need it and the previous setting that will provide this equipment by default will show us always on top panel.

Android, in this case, it renders two screens at the same time: the great to a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels and the small with 1040 x 160 pixels. Both case uses an IPS LED panel with a similar quality, so we have learned, to which we have seen a few months ago in LG G4.

It is not the first time that appears a system where it rendered two screens at the same time. Samsung already did years ago, placing a small panel in the lower horizontal part to do something similar to what LG is looking for. With Note Edge of last year did something similar and it is complete but the display will show a curve, that strip on one side worked with independence.

Surprising that in a year where we have not seen great innovations in the high range (almost all the advances have come by semiconductor makers) decide to shoot here. It is not the first time, as I said, making something like this. They innovated with the curve but the market did not respond and the quality of the product not accompanied to it triumphed.

What we do with it?

By what we have seen in the LG demos, with the screen on this second panel will show overtones and inbound notifiacaciones. Something like that to offer mobile phones with Active Display (Motorola, Nexus 6 p) or even the Edge of Samsung.

The idea at the bottom is the same: that with the mobile turned off we can see interesting information at a quick glance. Useful but away from the standards that has Android as the aforementioned Active Display. Perfect for people who are all the time checking what notification entered you and also a good way to look at it without turn on and off the big all the time, something that in the end spent battery considerably.

When we turn the main screen, this little of support will show the notification bar and it seems that we can also customize it to have some information at hand. Again, something like what did Samsung with its Edge Note a year ago.

In some applications, it seems that incorporate only LG, some commands will go to that side. Once again, we saw something similar with the Edge Note last year and did not function well. Editing on one side controls? That you can do with a screen without problems also.

This integration You can go very well or you can be mediocre. Time tell because on paper it sounds very well to have certain information at hand but will depend on the choice of content and LG’s do as well as interest from external developers create extensions to the V10.

We will see if the community, and communities like XDA cooks, are able to get more out ROMs or Xposed modules. It will be a residual use but perhaps help to stoke interest in this unique component. Time will tell what.

Commercial claim or useful?

It is impossible to receive something new in the world of telephony without a dose of skepticism. Knowing how much that costs to innovate in order to bring a different product, we wonder if what has prepared LG is enough to convince us.

This year with the G4 have been things very well (although it can already be priced by online stores) and I have not very clear If this screen will be sufficiently attractive to turn it into a best seller.

Of time experiments with screens not started very well in other terminals. Without going any further, the S6 Edge Plus has a factor form very attractive with the curve on both sides, but when it comes to truth is to use little useful. LG has a difficult ballot and it will play us see in our analysis if they are able to contribute added value or staying in a commercial claim without further.