LG Shows Speed Increases with KitKat Vs. JellyBean in Video

In a short video showing how the G2 with LG KitKat is markedly faster than a G2 with JellyBean.

With the upcoming KitKat update for LG G2, LG has created a video that shows the speed increases you get with the new operating system.

The video shows two LG G2 models side by side, one with JellyBean and one with KitKat, the result is not particularly surprising, LG G2 with KitKat is somewhat faster in all cases. Especially when you want to play video or when the camera application to open.

There is created a series of tests in five different categories, the results are as follows, KnockOn feature works 5 percent faster, Internet camera 30 percent, 21 percent, 40 percent and Gallery contacts 35 percent faster.