Lacoste Autumn/Winter 2012 / 2013: The Best Way for a Lookbook Tea Stop without Words

A 10 for Lacoste, that is my verdict. Every time I am more convinced that the work of the creative team is doing at this firm is worthy of praise and praise, because the money given its creative online is worthy to emulate and admire, improving it every season that passes, trying to leave behind the stigma that pursued them classic signature, ossified in the past and too posh to become a reference point for the most current fashion.

In fact, without going any further, this collection has reminded us in a pleasant way What COS pursues many of his seasons and fails to Jell in the public: Lacoste, with a quite varied colour palette and a hyper-geometry in the looks … has succeeded.

The geometry to the fashion service

The Hyper-geometric cuts They have become everything a weapon to be used by most of the fashion collections. Symmetrical, straight cuts, racing forms and figure and stylized silhouette to the absolute limits to, through intelligent use of color, make one greater visual impact and sharpen the outfit to be able to contrast it either supplements or with the bottom. Jerseys, Polo shirts, trench coats … all of them are supported by a range of red, white, blue and earthy that they know how to exploit to perfection the full potential of the geometry.

Casual style on a palette of earthy

Of course, Lacoste not would be limited to a single record, why has opted to include three. The second one is a much more casual look, which supported a chromatic palette mainly constructed with earthy, greys, beiges and camels, opt for baggy, joint cuts multilayer, Saharan, cargo pants and the use of supplements in their sets such as hats or scarves. All this without losing that youthful touch that characterizes him and a certain air of rebel when combining giving as a result an urban adventure style.

Between blue go game

Finally, Select the blue color as the protagonist of its third record, one more sport and classic if compared to the rest, using the point, synthetic materials and furs, attempts to give depth to the sets thanks to the obtaining in blue on the darker tones to the outerwear and more clear and bright for jerseys and pants colors.