Khmelnyk, Ukraine

Khmelnyk, Ukraine

When Kyiv hydrogeologists arrived in Khmilnyk in 1934, they had no idea that their visit would determine the fate of the city. And they were looking for a source of drinking water, but they found brackish water at a depth of 65 meters. The find turned out to be unsuitable for drinking, but, as scientists found out, it was just right for health: the water contained the inert gas radon and just in doses that are useful for the human body. As they say, just what the doctor ordered!

Khmilnyk is the only radon resort in Ukraine, which is in great demand not only among the inhabitants of the country, but also among Russians.

The authorities of Ukraine did not waste time in vain, and soon the first sanatorium appeared in Khmilnyk. Today there are more than one or two of them, now Khmilnyk is the only radon resort in the country, which is in great demand not only among Ukrainians, but also among Russians. It is located in the north-west of the Vinnitsa region. See ANDYEDUCATION for education and training in Ukraine.

How to get to Khmilnik

Air traffic between Russia and Ukraine has been discontinued since October 25, 2015, but you can get to Khmelnyk by bus from Moscow and many Ukrainian cities.

  • By train. There are two trains from Kyiv to Khmelnyk: the first departs at 6:06 every Sunday, the second at 21:33 on odd days (except January 31). Travel time is 4-4.5 hours.
  • By bus. Buses from Kyiv run every day, there are at least three flights: one in the morning and two in the evening, but fixed-route taxis can run more often. Travel time is about 5 hours.

Weather in Khmelnyk

As it should be at a balneological resort, the climate in Khmelnyk is mild, without sharp fluctuations in temperature – both in summer and in winter. In the summer months, the average temperature is approximately +19 °C, in winter -5 °C. For such a comfortable climate, the resort is favored by cores, for whom the sweltering heat is contraindicated.

Sanatorium Khmilnyk

Rest in Khmilnyk is recommended primarily for people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system. It is also useful to visit here for those who suffer from neuroses, diseases of the cardiovascular, endocrine, broncho-pulmonary and reproductive systems, skin.

There are 8 sanatoriums in Khmelnyk, almost all of them have their own hydropathic clinics. And best of all, they are open all year round!

The resort is rich not only with healing water, but also with therapeutic mud. Not far from Khmelnyk there is the Viytivetsky peat deposit. So, this peat mud literally works wonders: it helps to heal injuries, has an anti-inflammatory effect, and improves regeneration.


The largest sanatorium of the resort bears his name and is considered a trade union one. “Khmilnik” consists of 9 buildings, 1000 people can rest here at the same time. A large area surrounded by Podolsk forests is conducive to walking after a whole day of treatment and only reinforces the healing effect.

Khmilnyk is a small but ancient city: the first mention of it dates back to 1362. But there are few sights in the resort town, you will need one or two days to see them, no more.

Southern Bug

This is the name of the largest river in Ukraine, and on its bank (and this is the city center) there is a medical rehabilitation center of the same name. A small sanatorium surrounded by trees has been operating for more than 40 years and has great prestige in the country. Guests can choose one of 13 wellness programs, although here the very location of the center, views of the river, and well-groomed green area are “treated”.

On the territory of the rehabilitation center there is a park with markings for health path – this is a method of treatment with dosed walking, a treadmill, a volleyball court. You can play table tennis or work out your abs on the outdoor treadmill.

The administration of the center necessarily meets its guests at the station, a free bus is put on the way back. If you arrive by car, you will be provided with a secure parking space. Another of the benefits of civilization, without which today nowhere is free Wi-Fi.


At least 18 days in Podillia, and you are as good as new! At least, this is what the medical staff of the sanatorium located in a coniferous forest assures. What services are not offered here to guests: hydromassage of gums, inhalation, dry radon baths, electric light therapy, leeches, speleochamber, acupuncture, solarium (it turns out that it can also serve health). Or, for example, electrosleep: after this procedure, you want to do a hundred things at the same time!


“Radon” is the newest sanatorium in Khmelnyk. Here, just like in other health resorts, you will be offered a full range of services for the treatment of the spine, get rid of skin ailments, improve heart affairs – with healing radon water and peat mud. There are also the most modern procedures in the sanatorium: for example, cryomassage with liquid nitrogen. After the course, you can not only lose weight great, but also decently, or rather indecently, look younger.

It is possible to be treated in the sanatoriums of Khmilnyk without permits. There is an option – to purchase the so-called kursovka, that is, pay only for a range of medical services, and live in an apartment, of which there are many in the city.

Attractions in Khmilnyk

Khmilnik is a small but ancient city: the first mention of it dates back to 1362. But there are few sights in the resort town, you will need one or two days to explore them, no more. It is worth visiting the palace of Count Ksido, built in 1915. Another beautiful building in Khmilnyk, which is sure to attract the attention of a guest, is the Church of the Beheading of John the Baptist. It was built at the beginning of the 17th century. The Church of the Nativity of the Virgin is interesting for its Ukrainian baroque style.

Khmelnyk, Ukraine

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