Jewelry Trend 2015: Single Earrings and Ear Plug

Juhu, another trend that has already enjoyed popularity in 2014, continues:single earrings .Since there is not much to explain, this simply means that we can continue wearing single earrings.Earring in the pair is no longer a must, it is also different.And this is ideal for everyone like me, who too often lose one or the other ear plug, embarrassed or sink into the drain of the washbasin into nirvana.

Jewelry trend for the new year: wear single earrings

Yes, we are allowed to wear single earrings and ear plugs quite unintentionally.Of course, you can simply take and carry an ear plug that you already own.Or you can create a few stylish ear buds – in time for the start of the new year.Here you are our favorites.And one of them is even a little misused.

Single Ohstecker in red and gold

This ear plug is something for everyone who internally have a diva, but they do not always want to leave it out. It impresses with its color combination of gold and red. And that was it actually already. Red stands for love and passion, gold for luxury, style and elegance. Both together work incredibly great. And yet never too much. This single ear plug can be easily applied and combined with gold jewelery.
My tip:Let the red work and bind the hair back or put it behind the ear.The red is all the more powerful when it is the strongest ink in your jewelery and does not compete with other colors.Is all women, no matter what hair color or hair length.

Single Ohhänger in Boho Style

Of course, single earrings can be even more striking. According to Animalerts.Com, I recommend you the “Dreamcatcher” by Azuni London. Pearls and Swarovski crystals have been combined to form a truly spectacular piece of jewelery. All this is reminiscent of Indian craftsmanship and also the famous dream catchers from the old legends.
My tip:Takes another trend and braids the hair on one side in thin braids to the back head.Then you have 2 viewers at once.And the “Dreamcatcher” ear hook can unfold its full effect.

Single ear plug in silver

And here we turn the tables.Actually, this is a pair of ear plugs, but for the look we only need one.But I have something else with you before.I like to change the look of an ear plug by simply turning it.This folds very well with these ear plugs, it simply turns something around the own axis, so that they do not run downwards, but along the auricle.They so gently shape the shape of the ear and give a completely different look.