Jeans Jacket: How to Use Essential Piece with New Ares

That jeans is the most democratic fabric there is everyone already knows.But not just the pants lives the indigo:a denim jacket is a must have in the closet.The piece has already been high in various shapes and washes – small, clear, short, dark, faded, ornate, fair, wide.It also went through various styles during more than 200 years of history.

When it emerged, in the late 1800s at the hands of Levi Strauss, it was soon adopted by the American pioneers, who for a long time had the jacket as a symbol of their style.But it was even in the 1950s that the jacket began to gain the contours Рand the importance Рthat it has today, when it was adopted by the misguided youth of the time.In the following decade, he dressed the peace and love of the hippies.It turned into transgression by the punks.It has become the leisure look of the yuppies.He dressed the blas̩ of the minimalists.Until it gained the essential status of any tribe, style, age, from workers to advertisers, from fashionistas to basic.

The denim jacket is a classic that will keep on renewing itself.It is in this climate that we show three looks with the elongated denim jacket based on Jacketpanel, one of the darlings of today, for different occasions.Comes!

Jacket + shirt + pant + scarpin

The denim jacket added to pieces of tailoring creates a nice contrast that takes the look of the total informality of the jacket.The result is suitable for jobs with less rigid dress code or even occasions in which you want to pass an elegant image without frowning.In addition, the pastel color chart brings delicacy as opposed to the stripped air that jeans always provide.

Alexander Wang jacket, Marc Jacobs shirt, Antonio Berardi pants, Saint Laurent purse and Gucci scarpin | Photos:, reproduction

Jacket + printed skirt + printed shirt + loafer

Mixing prints, though recurring subject matter, is still a feature rarely used.But the truth is that it is easy if we follow a basic rule: when the prints have colors in common, increase the chances of matching the composition.The men’s shoe complements the fashionista look, with a bag full of bossa to close the colorful look.

Alexander Wang jacket, Moschino shirt, Gucci skirt, Loeffler Randall bag and loafer Stuart Weitzman | Photos:, reproduction

Jacket + knit dress + sneakers

The weekend arrives and all we want is a comfortable look that is beautiful and full of style.The solution exists and comes in the form of a knit dress with sneakers.The color berry could not be more beautiful and current.Today’s fashion, more democratic than ever, allows us to escape from the stiffness of jumps and mix, for example, sneakers with dresses, something that would have been unimaginable in other times.To the joy of our feet and fashionistas hearts!