Ivy Watch Co-Swedish Watches With An American Touch

Since the huge success of the Swedish watch brand Daniel Wellington so there have been a few Swedish players on the market. For the latter, it has also often been the focus of a clock that style marker but with a bit more expensive and better details than big daddy Daniel Wellington delivers. Just recently launched just such a mark in the shape of Ivy Watch Co. we have had the opportunity to look at their first model Montauk and have also interviewed the founders Carl Eastman and John Smith.

As both the brand’s name, Ivy Watch Co. and the name Montauk on the first model implies so is New England romance and a classic preppydoftande watch. Ivy after the relaxed and exclusive style that originated and descended from elite universities in the northeastern United States in the 1950 ‘s. Mountauk is the headland at the end of the Long Iceland and an extension of East Hampton and the epicentre of preppystilen.

Ivy Watch Co-Swedish Watches With An American Touch 1

The first model to be launched is unisex and in the portable size 39 mm and comes with white or black dial. A very lavish detail is that they have a domed Sapphire Crystal with beveled edge. There are also a number of exclusive band from Tärnsjö Garveri in vegetable tanned leathers to choose from Alternatively Nato band nylon. The case itself is made of stainless steel.

The Watch has an exclusive setting, it comes in a nice box and cover as well as with well thought out presentation. The price is 2 495 SEK with Nato-strap and 2 695 SEK with leather strap

Blackboard with vintageinspirerat leather band.

White Board with natoband.

Tell us a little more about you and how you started the brand?

Ivy Watch Co-Swedish Watches With An American Touch 2

“We are four friends with different backgrounds but with a shared passion for clocks, design. We had for some time been talking about that it would be fun to use our experience to create something together, and then it seemed obvious to start a watch brand.

How did you once the product was developed?
-Starting point has always been to create a watch we like to wear. The design of our first model Montauk inspired by sports watches from the 50 ‘s and 60 ‘s, era, which we believe to be the golden age of clock design. Two details that reflecting it’s diameter, 39 mm, that is one millimeter smaller than most watches today, and the domed sapphire-glass that gives the watch a unique expression.
Important to us was of course to create a high quality product and we have not compromised in terms of material selection and specification. Sapphire-glass, water resistant to 10 ATM, and the handmade leather bands of vegetable tanned Tärnsjö leather that will become more beautiful as they age are examples of this.

There is a gap to fill in terms of style watches in the price segment over as Daniel Wellington which has become so popular?
-Focus the past few years has clearly been on the thinner, a little easier kostymuren and we thought it was lacking a watch with a different expression, with a really good specification and with uncompromising materials selection, but still at an accessible price. Judging by the reception the clocks received since our sneak release, many people agree with us, which of course is very funny.

Today it is a model and size that are offered, how does it look out over, more models in the pipeline?

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-Right now we are busy with the launch of Montauk, which also is offered with both dark and light dial and with various types of bands in several colors, which makes the Montauk is more than just a model. But, with that said, we see completely forward to release more models in the future which follow the same basic principle as Montauk as far as uncompromising in quality and specification.