IPhone 5 Could Equip a Curved Glass

The debate emerged about the next generation of Apple’s iPhone continues to feed on rumors that are running both a sunset the day of the terminal, as was already the case with the jump from the iPhone 3 G to the iPhone 3GS, as others that are running in the opposite direction and which suggest a total redesign. At least is what emerges from the new “gossip” that circulates through the network and ensures that iPhone 5 could equip a curved glass.

The idea, which on the other hand would have its inspiration in the design of the Google Nexus S, manufactured by the South Korean Samsung, comes after the news of the acquisition of between 200 and 300 glass cutting machines by Apple so that they are used by different providers.

The reason is more to avoid the obstacle posed by the reluctance of some manufacturers to make acquisitions of equipment for glass cutting due to the high cost involved, running Apple in this way much of manufacturing costs the future terminal screen.

These machines, according to rumors circulating in the environment of supply chain that Apple has in Taiwan, are being stored in assembly plants and will be implemented with the aim of maintain an appropriate level of production in order to meet the demand. generated every year by every new model of iPhone.