Ideal Bikini: the Tricks to Choose the Perfect a Bleep-Blop

Each year, find the perfect bikini to wear a look “Wow” on the beach is a real problem. Every time we approach the time of bikinis for me is a real trauma. Small bikini, triangle or bathing suit or Trichinella that although few women can afford the right to use, but like one of the sets of this 2013/2014 summer. Fluorine colors, patterned or dark colors?

Great dilemmas of taste, along with the imperfections of the body, extended with the damn tasters with the white lights that make you leave with cellulite to the forehead, making this piece is always my hardest acquisition of the year.

Hide is impossible, the cm of fabric are always quite a few, but that can take into account some fundamental rules of image consultancy to disguise the small defects.

Light colours, fluorine, big and frilly, patterned give you more volume.

The more you use, the fabric very tight swimsuits, very large knickers, with wide, cause the opposite impression and make you look fatter.

According to the morphology of your body, little tricks help us choose quickly the bikinis.

All very well proportioned, hips measuring the same as the shoulders and narrow waist. You can use pretty much anything you want, but be careful to use pieces that can flatten your curves.

If you have any sagging choose the bottom widest hips.

If you have very large breasts, forget the strapless because they give more prominence and is not very firm, so you already know the result.

When the shoulders are the same width of the hips but the waist is not very marked.

Based on HOMEAGERLY, try choosing a bikini Halter neckline with triangular (stuck in the back of the neck), which values the shoulders. If you’re thin will be fine with the panties with laçõs that will highlight your legs. The triquíni will help you in creating an optical effect marking the waist.

Wide hips and narrow shoulders. Your option is the bikini. Not to highlight the hips, use at the top a balconnet (BRA), it increases the volume of the breasts, the BRA triangle with ties behind the neck is also a good choice. For the bottom choose a low waist.

The high waist mark the outer thighs and hips.

For those that are characterized by having a central part of the body, round belly, this morphological type usually have a more abundant, and leaner and long legs.

Choose a heavier fabric that act as a track, draped and strategic fabrics get a flat stomach effect. If you select the same bikini, choose high waist, another option is to choose a very sexy bikinis with great cleavage, to direct attention where we want.