Huawei Wearables: New Ornaments for the Wrist and Head

Huawei got to Sunday’s press conference presented their new body ornaments, TalkBand B2 and TalkBand N1

Back in 2011 was Huawei of minor character. As the year went on, moved the company from the cheap budget-phones to medium-and high-class phones as we today look.

2012 featured on both the M and P-series, as, for example, have evolved into last year’s juggernaut-flagship, Huawei Ascend Mate 7, or the aesthetic Ascend P7 with its narrow profile. Hereby they slowly ascended the ladder of notable brands.

In order to break out of the product category for smartphones, welcomed Huawei in 2014 at its first wearable, and are now making space for the successor of TalkBand B1-born is Huawei TalkBand B2.

TalkBand B2-talking and tracking

With bagtanken to the smart clock always stand close to your body, this new creation is seen as an extension of one’s senses.

Here’s a PMOLED touch screen at 0.74 inch patch on the wrist. You can like other Palm buddy tracking your steps but when exercise is not in focus, and the work must be done, contains aluminum Manger a Bluetooth headset with built-in speaker and two microphones for conversation’s sake – it quickly becomes James Bond by transforming the watch to your ear.

There is a single button to wake up the device, but the touch-screen is your primary guide. Around the aluminum part you will find jakkesætsupplerende leather from Huaweis page exists in three flavors

Are you an active cousin, one can benefit from switching to the so-called TPU anti allergic material there leaning against the rubber-feeling.

Wrist summation uses the services of a typical 15 mm strap, so do you own a thong with great value must go again, you can even replace the strap, so the look is consistent with one’s personal style.

The actual decivet gauge 11.5 mm thickness, which is 20% thinner than its predecessor, with a width of 62 mm. that means a afbarbering of 10% from Talkband B1.

Using Intelligent Tracking and six built-in sensors, will the Tracker learn your personal exercise patterns in order to separate your plejning of teeth and actively running, and also even detect whether you’re running, cycling or traver.

Activity which is an associated application Lifelog, carries an active life by rank your activity along with attainable achievments.

Despite the associated application, this tracker can also act independently by, for example, can take the ringing phone directly from your wrist to your ear.
Working with both iOS and Android, one must search for a power-generating wall jack after estimated 5 days of use.

This companion will come to Denmark at the end of april with a price of approximately 1300.0-crowns for the rubber-dominant version in black or white, and the more exclusive Gold version will land around 1500 crowns.

Talkband N1-Music, tracking and free living

Huawei has taken a bold move away from the wrist and turned to the neck. Talkband N1 is a wireless Bluetooth headset that can answer the call and standby may thanks to magnets act as an alternative piece of jewelry.

Together with the proclaimed expert-sound, there will be built-in 4 GB of it about 18 grams heavy headset for your songs to enjoy, which approximately corresponds to 1000 songs. The estimated service life between chargings sounds on 7 hours of continuous playing time.

Thanks to a MEMS microphone CVC, you would experience and crystal-clear call experience.

In addition to dress up your neck region, included TalkBand N1 also be included in your daily steps and calories, and you’ll need to inquire about your daily achievement, a double-tap on the microphone can make you smarter.

Each individual – each ear. Huawei TalkBand N1 meets your cleaned uniqueness and offers various rubber-cased so comfort is guaranteed. What should be noted is that IP54 certification does not mean waterproof, but water and dust resistant, so even very sweating exercisers not to fear.

This headset can be acquired in the colours gold, grey and pinkrød, and will be available in Denmark in may at a price about 1500.0-crowns.