Huawei Advertises for New Android Wear Smartwatch

Advertising in Barcelona Airport shows that Huawei is ready with their own Android Wear-based smartwatch. We are waiting eagerly for the press conference tomorrow.

Most of the mobile world is these days on the way to Barcelona to participate in the world’s largest mobile trade fair Mobile World Congress. Here from the mobile site, we are also on the way to sniff out the most relevant news.

When landing at Barcelona Airport, many journalists have noticed an advertisement for a clock from Huawei, with the text “Timeless design, Smart within”.The advertisement shows a smart model in nice clothes, with the round clock on the wrist.

‘Probably’ refers to the Timeless design round, timeless design, and ‘ smart ‘ part is undoubtedly a reference to the running Android as the operating system and therefore Wear can deliver all the new and cool features.

It is not as such a surprise that Huawei jumps on the smartwatch wave, Back In September I told that Huawei was in the process of making a watch, but it’s just not that much we have heard of it until now.

So far, we have to live with the tension, Huawei holds press conference tomorrow Sunday at 13:30 where we will of course be present.