HTC Launches One M9: Heavy Metal-Mobile with Rolex Genes

HTC Launches One M9: Octa-core power, both mega-and ultrapixels, Herculean boom sound-sound wrapped into an aluminum-suits.

HTC One M9: Octa-core power, both mega-and ultrapixels, Herculean boom sound-sound wrapped into an aluminum-suits.

To get the metal and glass to meet is an art that few manufacturers have mastered, but Taiwanese HTC is one of them. The most recent evidence is called HTC One M9.

One M8 impressed, and seduced, last year with its most ambitious metal mobile. A mix of metal and steely performance as entranced at and earned the race with top mark.

The successor, One M9, is finally published and ready to lift the aristocratic heritage. The ambitious design has not changed significantly, but the processing of aluminiumen seeking new heights and approximates, according to HTC, same quality as luxury-clockwork from Rolex or Panerai. You go through there at the same time, large-leaved technique progress.


Goal: 144.6 x 69.7 x 9.6 mm, 160 gram
Screen: 5.0 “Full HD, 1920 x 1080, 441 PPI
Camera: 20 MP, F/2.2 optics, 27, 8 mm focal length, 4 k video
Front camera: 4 MP ultrapixel F/2.0 lens front camera, 26, 7 mm focal length, Sapphire gals
Performance: 4 * 2.0 GHz + 4 * 1.5 GHz octa-core, 3 GB RAM, 430 Adreno graphics
Battery: 2840 mAh
Storage: 32 GB + 128 GB micro-SD + 100 GB Google Drive
Sound: Boom sound front-facing speakers with 5.1 Dolby Surround
Network: nano-SIM, 2/3 g, Cat. 9 (300 mbps) 4 g/LTE
Software: Android 5.0.2 Lollipop Sense 7.0
Moreover: available in gunmetal grey, Silver/Gold, gold or pink.

Compares you with One M8 is not subtle changes that separates the two design phones inside the metal cabinets.

The power plant in M8, a 2.3 GHz quad-core, replaced now by a eight-core beast with 64-bit architecture and 1 GB of additional RAM. Graphics chip Adreno 330 puffes away in favor of a 430, a shift that Adreno on paper promise over twice as many calculations per second – your 3D games can therefore become even more rich detail.

A larger battery is included to ensure approximately 10 percent more juice for your phone. Together with a lynlader that can be 60% in half an hour you’ll seldom run out of power.

Biggest news, however, must be attributed to the camera portion which now offers 20 megapixels, a five-fold increase compared to its predecessor. The ambitious number of pixels is, however, at the expense of duo-camera which could create blurry backgrounds as in a single-lens reflex camera. The effect can still be achieved, but the solution is now software based.

Selfiekameraet offers on a four megapixel, a less than that of its predecessor. However, it is HTC’s so-called Ultrapixels who takes over, which means that the captures 3 times more light into – and ensures better self-portraits in the evening and night hours.

All in all, the HTC One M9 so intent on being more than a pretty feature in the mobile race by 2015.Official Danish price sounds on 5,995.0-crowns and a vice President of HTC Nordic, Peter Frølund, assures that Denmark will be among the first to One M9 on the shelves the 31. March.