How To Clean Karma And Accumulate Dharma

If wondering how to clean their karma and turn your “luck” accumulating dharma, you first have to understand how the samsara.

For Hinduism and Buddhism, the experience of life is not limited to a mere existence. The wheel of life or “samsara”, connected to the concept of karma, has no beginning and no end, and therefore after death there is another birth and new life – again and again.

This is what we call the reincarnation.

The law of karma says that you for every action, there is a consequence, i.e., it is the law of cause and effect. Karma may manifest during a cycle of the wheel of life, or the next – during this life or the next.

To achieve a ‘good karma’ or clean their accumulated karma, it is necessary to live according to the dharma, i.e. acting correctly and following the highest spiritual teachings.

Any action that benefits the individual, to those around him and humanity in general, is considered to be dharma and will generate good karma. This dharma has the power balance and clean accumulated karma, and thus affects our immediate future as next lives.

How to erase or clean karma

There are different ways of accumulating dharma and clean the karma accumulated in our lives. If we continue to commit the same mistakes, we will continue demonstrating the same challenges in our lives.

As we follow the spiritual teachings, we can learn lessons and balance the karmic wheel.

To accumulate dharma and erase karma, it is necessary:

• Open our consciousness. There is nothing to condemn us more to live with eyes closed. It is necessary that we understand that our existence has one greater purpose, and in this sense, all circumstances – positive or negative – has an important role to play. This consciousness gives us perspective and helps us advance spiritually.

• Leave the guilt. When we understand that everything is a lesson and that the law of karma makes us grow what we have sown, the fault has no space in our lives. It is important to stop blaming others for the things that happen to us. This will not only help our relations but it will especially help us to assume the control and power that we really have on our lives.

• Understand the suffering. Something extremely difficult but useful it is to understand that what we have suffered in this life is something that first, we have sown in the past, and the other is just a lesson – and to learn it, we clean the associated karma, and we can cope with and overcome this situation. So thank and appreciate its difficult moments, because in them the opportunity to clean their karma and move toward enlightenment.

• Respect toward himself and toward others. Just like you, all the others are on our spiritual path. We have erred, we learned and we failed many times. Regardless of how others to act with you, appreciate the fact that they are also his chance at redemption. Avoid injuring others with words and actions – and above all with intention. Do not speak of no one behind him, don’t lie, do not betray. It is easier than it seems. Focus on your own destiny. Remember that every thing in this moment will have a consequence sooner or later. If you choose to act badly, the only one that will actually pay for it you will be.

• Purification. Live a pure life. Very well choose their actions, thoughts and words. They create their reality. Whenever you account that it’s growing negativity, start by reflecting why feel the need and negative impulse. Thank the consciousness that made him realize in time that negativity. And finally, to cancel that negativity with two actions: send energy of love towards yourself and the other person or situation involved in the negativity, and start thinking or new action that is positive and pure.

• Say goodbye to fear. There is nothing to fear. You have control over your life – this and they follow. You make part of something much bigger. Take over, deciding to learn the lessons and overcome them with consciousness and dharma.

• Humility and forgiveness. To analyze everything in perspective, and understand that we are all part of a whole, we will know that we have gone and will go through the same stages as the others. In that sense, there are no beings “better” than others – just those who have more experience but that same risk at each time of stagnate or returned in the spiritual path – and arrogance is one of the reasons why this can happen. In that same reflection, those who have hurt us are simply facing their own lessons. Forgive and forget. Get rid of that load and let others learn their lessons while you learn theirs. To erase karma, it is essential to cultivate forgiveness.

• Service. Generosity, gratitude and kindness to others is essential to our spiritual advancement. It is as simple as that.