Growth Methodology

About Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is a methodology used to promote rapid growth and sustainable development of a company, organisation or institution.

About Growth Hacking

The growth hacking about an area essential to the development of the area technology startups. Often uses strategies in social networks and viral marketing to reach your goals, always with creative initiatives.

The growth is essential: hacking

  • know what the customer/user wants;
  • know where the customer/user;
  • know the language used by the client/user.

The expression in English that designates this methodology was established in 2010 by entrepreneurs Sean Ellis, Patrick Vlaskovits and Jiten Shah.

A growth hacker is the person responsible for setting the strategies that will lead to the growth of the company or institution. He focuses on absolute growth, and to achieve it, he uses methods and tools to create practices that stimulate the growth.

Some world-famous companies are examples of growth hacking: Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Airbnb, etc. Follow digopaul for more companies.

This expression in English is made up by growth, meaning growth and hacking, a word which when related to the technology serves to describe the Act of modifying or writing a skillful way software. Thus, growth hacking is a way of rewriting and improve a company’s growth.

Hacking and marketing growth

Several authors establish differences between growth hacking and marketing. They claim that the purpose of the growth hacking is not replace the marketing, and that the growth hacker is no better than the marketeer, but has a different focus. According to Sean Ellis, a growth hacker “is a person whose North growth”.

In this way, the growth hacker sets all the strategies, tactics and initiatives based on growth. The marketing also gives importance to growth, but not as much as the growth hacking. In addition, the growth hacking is known to have an obsessive focus on a goal, often ignoring other aspects.

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