Google Restricts Other Manufacturers in Contracts

Who unpacks an Android Smartphone, see the Google search and Google play store on any Android Smartphone. This is no coincidence, because according to the internal documents, Google demands this placement. Otherwise, use for example of Google play stores is not possible. Can Google contradicts his own policy, that Android is therefore open source, so that the innovations of others restrict nobody or check”save Google itself?
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Either everything or nothing at all

The documents came in 2012 by a legal dispute between Google and Oracle to light. To find specifications on Samsung and HTC, which apps from the factory must be installed. Define preset default search engine is Google, the other Google programs may not continue as a homescreen be removed. And who is not, will not have access to the apps. An absence would be fatal for the manufacturer, but programs like Google maps for many smartphone users belong to everyday life.

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51 mobile phones the main new equipment is of course money

profit is of course behind the specifications. Paid advertisements between the search results are visible in any Google search, because Google makes. Since the mobile market is growing fast and there often are search queries, it was important to place well on smart phones displaying Google. That at least should the documents according to the Wall Street Journal show.

That discriminated against not the competition?

Google’s specifications disadvantage may be other search providers like Yahoo or Bing, but also app developers, therefore turns on now among the European antitrust authorities and checked the terms and conditions. It remains to be seen whether Google can be charged with a distortion of competition, because provider how to Amazon use Android, sample Kindle fire while but come without the Google services from.