Google Music Beta Works on IOS Thanks to Mobile Safari

Google launched a couple of days in the Google I/o 2011, as had been waiting for for some time, their new cloud music service, Music Beta, but for now it is only available for American users.

The service of storage and streaming music Google operates mainly in web format (in the style of GrooveShark) and Android, with applications that Google launched for your operating system. Users of iOS do not have that same sort of try service natively in their devices, but no mistake, the good news is that Google Music Beta works perfectly in Mobile Safari for iOS.

The working method, If you’re a user resident in the USA right now, it’s very simple:

  • Register in Google Music Beta.
  • Access your web interface with Mobile Safari for iOS.
  • Select your music list, your song and click to play in that interface.
  • Will be shown the player QuickTime for iOS, simply press the play button to hear the song, even you can close the window of Mobile Safari, Google Music Beta will remain running in the background.

The fluency presenting Google Music Beta in Mobile Safari is not worthy of praise, It will tend to slow down, still, is to be welcomed that we have at least the opportunity to try this new service in iOS.

We hope that the service does not take long to appear by Europe and, if possible, to come accompanied from their native app for iOS and other different Android platforms.